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International department

Borussia has set itself the goal of spreading the Foals' story across the world. The "Internaional Business Development" department are therefore working on projects and marketing activities that can tell this fascinating tale in the right way and in the right language in all different corners of the globe. The aim is to sustainably increase the awareness and reach of the Borussia brand. BORUSSIA-PARK is the hub for these activities, whether running projects from the USA to Singapore, maintaining existing partnerships, or looking for new partners who want to implement collaborative football projects, enter sponsorships, or explore new business ideas and marketing opportunities. Due to the multitude and variety of activities in China, Borussia also has its own team based locally in the market.

Borussia Mönchengladbach has had its own office in China since October 2018. The representative office in Shanghai is the club’s first foreign branch anywhere in the world, who officially operate there as Borussia Mönchengladbach (Shanghai) Sport Development Co. Ltd. Peter Hambüchen, Borussia's Department Head for International Business Development, and Borussia's local office manager, Martin Thiess, coordinate Borussia's activities in China from the 85 square meter office in a glass tower building not far from Shanghai's national airport. The office is spreading the Borussia DNA around 9,000 kilometres from Mönchengladbach. "We want to increase our brand awareness in the world's largest economy, win fans and make ourselves interesting for potential sponsors," says Hambüchen. But sustainably. "We don't want to travel here, play some friendlies, cash in and then disappear again. We want to leave our mark.”


Philipp Havermann

Head of Internationalization & Brand Partnerships

Marvin Leu

Global Partnerships Sales

Denise Poertner

Global Partnerships Manager

Wiliam Pesch

Global Partnerships Sales

Ralf Inderdohnen

Head of Football School & International Projects

Wolfgang Heilmann

Head of International Football School

Thomas Reich

Football School Coordinator

Philip Stegert

Project Manager Sports Football School

Martin Thiess

General Manager China Office

Ling Xuan

Project Manager China