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Borussia's activities and reach offer partners from both Germany and overseas the best possible conditions for an impressive performance - whether with hospitality/VIP services, strong visibility in the stadium, territorial partnerships or global campaigns. In addition, Borussia offers a wide range of high-reaching and creative opportunities. From an individual package with advertisements on the stadium’s LED perimeter advertising boards and social media activations, to virtual advertising (cross-fading of the TV signal in singular markets) aligned to an exciting storytelling of content-based partnerships. Target-group oriented, emotional and sustainable.

Because the wishes and needs of each company are different, each partnership starts with the development of the appropriate package. All that is needed is an initial exchange. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to you being in touch.

Territorial Partner

Leyu Sports

As Asia’s high-end sports and entertainment brand, Leyu Sports has the most professional technical team. It has more abundant sports and entertainment services and excellent products. Keep in mind the development concept of user first and service-oriented, and continuous improvement of user experience to provide users with the best quality, unique service and sports entertainment experience.

Leyu Sports has independently researched terminals, so that every user can enjoy the Web, H5, multiple iOS, Android and other native apps, 24 hours real-time update of live sports events for global users, and provide more than 10,000 types of sports and entertainment modes. One of the most complete sports and entertainment items in the apps, providing users around the world with the best sports and entertainment platform.