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Scally: "I want to learn as much as possible"

New signing Joe Scally discusses his first days at Borussia, his new team and his goals at the club in an exclusive interview.

Joe, welcome to Borussia. You’ve been here for almost two weeks now. Have you settled in well?

Joe Scally: So many things are different to back home, but I really like it here. The training ground it nice and the stadium is amazing. I’m really looking forward to playing here at some point, especially when the fans are allowed back. My apartment here at BORUSSIA-PARK is also great. It’s got a nice kitchen, a comfy sofa and bed. The weather is similar to back home in New York, so I can feel a little bit at home. I’m happy to be here.  

Have you met Marco Rose and the team yet?

Scally: Yes, I have met the coach and the team already. They were all very friendly. I’m excited to join my new teammates on the pitch in training soon. I have already watched one training session, that was very good. The training has a high intensity.

You are currently carrying a bit of a knock. What's the latest on that front, how are you feeling?

Scally: I feel good. I’m currently training individually. But things are going very well, and I am looking forward to being on the pitch with the team soon. I hope to join team training next week.

How would you describe yourself as a player?

Scally: I would describe myself as a physically strong and fast player. I like to play on the wings. I also have a good tactical understanding on and off the ball. Crossing is one of my strengths, and of course the defending side of things. My weakness is probably my shooting, but I want to work on that.

What are your goals with Borussia?

Scally: I want to be part of the team and learn as much as possible from Marco Rose, who is an incredible coach. It’s also my goal to help the team be as successful as possible.

What impression do people back in New York have of Borussia?

Scally: Most people in New York know Borussia at least now following the good performances in the Champions League this season. A lot of people, myself included, watched these games on TV.

What do you do in your free time?

Scally: I speak to my family a lot via video chat and play Fortnite and FIFA on the Xbox.


Joe Scally with Eugen Polanski.

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