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Focusing on flexibility: Hütter leads tactics training

On Monday, the Foals began the week of training at the camp in Klosterpforte. Exercises involving team tactics will be the main focus of the week away.

“There’s a wonderful atmosphere here and the conditions are optimal,” says head coach Adi Hütter enthusiastically about Klosterpforte in Harsewinkel-Marienfeld, where the Foals arrived on Saturday. Sunday was a day of recovery after the 3-1 friendly defeat against SC Paderborn with one session in the morning, while the Foals players continued the work with two sessions on Monday.

Bénes in training while Koné faces test of patience

“So far, we have done smaller drills and had shorter sessions, but from now on we will focus on team tactics and do broader exercises,” explains Hütter. “It would be better if all of our national team players could be here already, but we have to accept the situation as it is. The players who are here are of high quality, and that's what’s important.” The majority of the players involved in UEFA EURO 2020 are still on holiday and will therefore miss the training camp.

László Bénes was the first national team player to return to the squad and arrived back yesterday. “I’m happy that he’s back. László is an intelligent player with a very professional attitude,” Hütter said of the 23-year-old, who he wants to utilise in a more advanced, attacking role in the future. “He’s a good finisher with his left foot and has an eye for a pass, so the more attacking position will be a benefit to his all-round game,” analyses the coach.

Manu Koné is also very keen to show what he can do in attack, but the newcomer is having to wait for his chance as he is currently doing individual exercises due to a knee ligament injury. “It’s a sub-ideal start to life at his new club, but he’s a young player with a bright future and has a lot of time left to prove himself. Despite his injury, it’s important that he’s here so that he can get to know his new teammates and the routines.”

Hütter: “It’s all about the content”

On the pitch, it’s the tactical play and game structure that Hütter wants to work on this week against the backdrop of the gradual return of the players involved in the European Championship. “It’s all about the content,” emphasises the Austrian coach. “How do we start attacking moves in the final third? How do we react when the opponent puts us under pressure? Which areas do we want to focus on when we push forward? These are the questions we’re asking ourselves this week.”

The hard work began on Monday afternoon. After an intensive warm-up in which the first exercises were carried out in a confined space, Hütter expanded the play to the full pitch. The new Foals coach was with the players out on the pitch, repeatedly issuing instructions during the game and using short interruptions in play to discuss individual situations with players. “You need a certain amount of time to implement new ideas and elements into the team,” knows Hütter from experience. The time at Klosterpforte will be put to use intensively for this purpose.


Adi Hütter is pleased with the conditions at the training camp at Klosterpforte.
The Foals players began Monday with an intensive fitness session.