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Koné: “I was blown away by it all”

Manu Koné talks about his Bundesliga debut, his first impressions of the Borussia fans and his personal goals.

Manu, how did you feel when Adi Hütter told you that you would be starting against Dortmund?

Koné: I was really happy. I went through a difficult period after arriving at Borussia because I got injured immediately, but I worked hard to return to fitness and to get back playing again. When the coach then told me that I was starting, I was just happy. It was a good week and I gave my all in training. The coach saw that I was ready, and I felt that way as well. My moment finally came!

So you weren’t surprised?

Koné: Let’s just say that I was somewhat excited. I understood how special it is to play against Dortmund. They are a big club and it’s like a derby game. We knew that this fixture would attract a lot of attention and I knew that I had to be on it from the get-go, which I think was the case.

You touched upon the fact that it was an important, emotional match against tough opposition. Were you at all nervous?

Koné: To be honest, I went into it more with the attitude that I had nothing to lose. I really wanted to show everyone what I can bring to this team and prove that I have the quality to be here and make a difference. I think the fans, the rest of the team and the coaching staff were all happy that it turned out well.

Did your teammates help you during the game?

Koné: Very much so, especially Denis Zakaria and Jonas Hofmann who guided me in the midfield. They’re already experienced whereas that was my first Bundesliga appearance. They helped me play myself into the match which was great.

How did you feel walking out onto the pitch? Were you able to enjoy the atmosphere?

Koné: I did really enjoy it. I was in the stands for the Bayern and the Bielefeld games so to an extent I knew what to expect, but I wanted to experience it first-hand. On the pitch it was unbelievable. It was the first time I’d played in such a fantastic stadium, with fans that create so much noise. When I came off the crowd applauded me on my way to the bench. That really touched me and meant a lot.

That was surely a special moment for you.

Koné: Absolutely, especially because it was the first time something like that has happened to me. Because of Corona, I only played in empty stadiums in Toulouse. I was blown away by it all.

On your debut, what made the biggest impression on you?

Koné: The stadium, all the emotions, it was overwhelming. It was my first time and even though the stadium was only half full, it was unbelievable. I’ll always remember that day – my first game and first win at BORUSSIA-PARK! I’m happy for us as a team!

That’s the way it should be. It was your first game in the Bundesliga having come from Ligue 2. What differences did you notice?

Koné: It’s a big step up. The Bundesliga is one of the most important leagues in the world and I think I adapted quite well. Here you have to play at a higher intensity for sure, and complete more sprints. After a month out, there was a stage when I started to feel tired and cramp up, but I think that over time I’ll get more used to the Bundesliga. Things will come together and I have trust in myself.

What can Borussia and the fans still expect from you?

Koné: I need to keep performing well day-to-day, and try to help the team as best I can. We want to win as many games as possible and climb the table. I just want to have a good season, maybe score a goal and have fun playing. If things work out that way, then that would be perfect for me.



Manu Koné played at BORUSSIA-PARK for the first time against BVB.
"I really wanted to show everyone what I can bring to this team," said Manu Koné.

Borussia organise friendlies vs. Viktoria Köln and RKC Waalwijk

Borussia will continue their preparations for the 2022/23 season with two further friendlies: Wednesday July 13th sees them face Viktoria Köln, with a fixture against RKC Waalwijk one week later on July 20th. Both matches will kick off at 18:30 CEST.


Pre-season to begin on Sunday

Borussia are back! On Sunday (12:15 CEST), the Foals will take part in their first pre-season training session at the FohlenPlatz.


Borussia sign Oscar Fraulo from FC Midtjylland

18-year-old midfielder Oscar Fraulo has joined Borussia from FC Midtjylland. The Denmark U19 international has signed a four-year deal at BORUSSIA-PARK.