Everything you need to know

How to get to the match

Match tickets simultaneously serve as tickets for the public transport system in the VRR and NEW regions (equivalent to a Deutsche Bahn second-class ticket). A bus shuttle service to the stadium leaves every few minutes from the main railway stations in Mönchengladbach and Rheydt and will take you back to either of these two stations after the game. The cost of the shuttle bus service is also included in the price of the match ticket. A special train service also operates after the match. The stadium announcer will provide information about departure times on the video screens shortly before the end of the game.

Unreserved parking is available at car parks P4, P5 and P6 and costs €5. These car parks can only be reached via the Mönchengladbach-Nordpark turn-off on the A 61. Coaches must park on car park P4 (€15). Those who would prefer to park free of charge and wish to avoid having to wait after the game are advised to go to the main railway stations and use the bus shuttle service provided by NEW.

Match tickets

Please note: you will not be permitted to enter the BORUSSIA PARK unless you are in possession of a valid match ticket. If you are already in the stadium and would like to pop outside for a moment, you should always check out your match ticket at the ticket scanners. In this way, you can re-enter the stadium afterwards. If you forget to check out your ticket, the computer will 'think' that you are already inside when you try to re-enter the stadium and will not let you back in. If the tickets were not bought directly from Borussia and do not function properly at the entry gate, it may be that the club already has a record of these tickets being traded on the black market and has therefore blocked them. Admission to the stadium will then be refused! For this reason, no one should attempt to buy tickets on the black market (whether outside the stadium or on eBay).

Visiting fans in the North Stand

For security reasons, visiting supporters will be refused admission to the North Stand. This additional condition is now printed on the back of every ticket sold. Match stewards have been instructed to refuse admission through the North gate to visiting supporters. Furthermore, any visiting supporters who gain access to the North Stand unnoticed will be escorted from this area once they have been identified and relocated, if there is still space, within the designated away section. If no space is available, they will be ejected from the BORUSSIA PARK for security reasons.

Supporters clubs who would like to pass on tickets to friends from other clubs are advised not to do so and instead should tell their friends to order tickets from their own club. If tickets are passed on, the recipients should at least come incognito and behave in a way that does not draw attention to themselves. This also applies to transferable season tickets, of course!

The North Stand consists of Blocks 13 to 19 and 13a to 19a!

Fanwear and fan material

In general, banners and flags with a pole length of up to 1.5m are permitted. Larger flags require a permit. The fan project can provide a storage room for large-sized flags. If you would like to store your flags at the stadium, please contact the Fan Project info stand. Drums (one drumhead, transparent) may also be used in the North Stand. Drums don't make sense, however, unless you can 'play' them properly. The same applies to other musical instruments such as trumpets, horns and the like. Megaphones are unnecessary in the North Stand. The 'chant leader' in Block 16 uses a microphone.

Storage facilities

Storage space is available at all main entrances for fans to deposit items they are not permitted to take into the ground (e.g. full rucksacks, bulky items, drinks cans, glass bottles, dangerous missiles and possibly key rings). The police will be called immediately if weapons are discovered! These objects can be collected again after the game. It is not like putting things in a locker there, however, and no liability is assumed for the items stored. Therefore, it is best to leave everything at home or in the car/coach. Motorcycle helmets cannot be deposited at the storage facilities, so please lock them under the seat of your motorcycle.


Only beverages in Tetra-Pak cartons may be brought into the stadium. No bottles, plastic containers or cans are permitted.

Digital cameras

Digital cameras may be taken into the stadium with the exception of professional video and photographic equipment.

Lost property

Anyone who loses their keys, mobile phone, etc., can register the loss after the game at the police station behind the North Stand. Any lost property found should also be handed in there. Uncollected property will be handed over to the match stewards after the game.

Had one drink too many?

Fans who have been drinking will not be admitted to the stadium if their blood alcohol level is 160 mg per 100 ml of blood (or above). Alcohol checks can be carried out at the entrances and people who draw attention to themselves (regardless of the amount of alcohol in their bloodstream) will immediately be barred from entering the stadium by the stewards and their match ticket will become invalid!