Lots of work for Jünter

They are the life and soul of the stadium, football fanatics too, and their greatest fans are usually the youngest supporters: the Bundesliga club mascots. The Borussia mascot goes by the name of Jünter (a local dialect form of Günter). His name and the number 10 on the back of his shirt are references to Günter Netzer, one of the greatest players in the club's history. And having had 11 trophies to celebrate since he was 'born' in 1965, Jünter is also one of the Bundesliga's most successful mascots.

But what does a mascot actually do? There is, in fact, a lot more to it than simply prancing about in the stadium at home games and waving his hooves. For Jünter, a home match means lots of work. But when he is at the stadium, surrounded by the players, the fans and, above all, the many, many children, Jünter is one happy horse. For regardless of all the hectic goings-on around him, the thing he cares about most is that they have a good time. There can be no doubting that Jünter has a strenuous job. Before the game, he welcomes old and young fans alike outside the stadium, then quickly canters back inside to calm the nerves of the kids about to escort the players on to the pitch inside the gigantic BORUSSIA-PARK stadium. Then it's time to welcome the fans on ihe stands, followed by another trip outside for Jünter's traditional inspection of the grilled sausages at the fast-food stall and yet another dash back inside.

Next, Jünter has to check whether the Borussia players are warming up properly. Usually there isn't even time for Jünter to offer some final words of advice to Jupp Heynckes before the head coach begins his pre-match team talk because stadium announcer Torsten Knippertz won't begin if Jünter isn't there. And then, shortly before kick-off, Jünter has to groom himself for the entry of the teams. When that's done, off he trots to Borussia's youngest fans up in the Langnese Family Enclosures. There, he cheers the team on while rehearsing chants with the crowd -- and when half-time comes around, its time for him to gallop back down again.

But rest assured. amid all this hustle and bustle, Jünter never stops thinking about what else he can do for the children in his new club.

Jünter's World – The Club

Jünter's new club opened in January 2006! "Jünter's World – The Club" is its name and every child below the age of ten can take part. Jünter has designed a very special membership card and selected a welcome gift for every child that joins his club. In addition, he has sat at his computer for several nights in a row to program his own Internet page and will in future send the very latest club news both as an e-mail and in the form of a newspaper to all his club members at regular intervals. What is more, besides many other highlights he is already planning a huge "Jünter's World – The Club" party, to which every member of his club will be invited.

Moreover, one of his club members is going to enjoy a very special treat, for in a draw one of them will win a very special jumbo prize: A visit by Jünter to the class of the winner's school! Anyone who wants to win this prize should become a member of the club as quickly as possible: Every child below the age of ten who becomes a member of Borussia Mönchengladbach, also automatically becomes a member of Jünter’s World – The Club. For children up to the age of six membership including all benefits is completely free of charge; the annual subscription fee for older children amounts to 30 euros. Money well spent, because in addition to all the other benefits club membership bestows, there is a 10% discount on Borussia fan items for all members great and small. And because lighters, watches and a whole range of other fan items might be unsuitable for children, Jünter has again put in a lot of thought to come up with a collection of his own. It includes pencil cases, rucksacks, pen sets, mugs, even Jünter duvet sets and tooth mugs. The smallest among his fans can now romp in a Jünter-design body suit or wear a stylish Jünter hat that will make them the star of the family. The complete collection is available, as are all other fan items, in Borussia's fan shops, but also, of course, online. Jünter is looking forward to your visit and in particular to the many, many new friends he will make in Jünter's World!