Ideal setup for media representatives

TV: The balcony on level 3 is the location of camera 1. The TV reporters who provide commentary for live coverage also sit on the camera balcony. The new stadium of course meets the latest requirements for TV broadcasting as well. That includes FIFA’s demand for camera positions in each stand, allowing for the implementation of the so-called multilateral broadcasting. Additionally, new and previously unseen camera angles are provided, such as a position within the roof construction (swallow’s nest camera), the six-yard box camera which is synonymous with English stadiums, as well as deep-set camera positions on the sidelines. With the exception of the cameras on the sidelines, all camera positions are hardwired, allowing television broadcasters to simply connect to the cable boxes at the various OB locations.

Photographers: Photographers are permitted to work in designated areas behind the goals on matchdays. In addition, Borussia have set up a work room in the player tunnel, from which the photographers will be able to send off their pictures.

Photographer work areas

The press room podium at BORUSSIA-PARK

Mixed Zone and press room: The Mixed Zone, which is located between the press room and the player tunnel, allows journalists to talk to players. Interviews are held in this area following the match. Managers hold their post-match press conferences in the press room in the basement. The room offers seats for roughly 100 journalists, and is used as a place of work by press representatives. For that reason, there are numerous connection ports available. At international games, there is the opportunity to erect a soundproof room for simultaneous translation.

Press box: The press box is located in Block 22 A in the upper level of the west stand. There are 206 seats with tables for press, as well as TV and radio commentators. All seats have access to power sockets and a connection port.

TV studios: There are two TV studios for TV broadcasters in the stadium. The studio in the player tunnel is regularly used, and a glass studio on level 3 is also available with a view over the stadium.

Press parking: There are two car parks at the stadium for media representatives and guests (P1 and P3). Travel information and a map can be found here as a PDF.

Accreditation: If you wish to receive accreditation, then please write to Borussia with your request(s). You can do so on the fax number 02161-92931309 or at the email address heike.frenken( at ) Accreditation requests can only be considered if they are sent at least five days prior to the match in question.