“Borussia-8-Grad” in BORUSSIA-PARK

At the start of November 2016, Borussia began work on the new “Borussia-8-Grad” building at BORUSSIA-PARK. 31 million Euros have been invested into the project. The construction involves a hotel with 131 rooms, the new club museum, a big fanshop, doctor’s surgeries, and a rehabilitation centre, as well as office spaces. The building stands between the stadium and the FohlenPlatz, and is connected to the stadium’s foyer. Gladbach are also building a boarding school for the youth teams at the same time, as well as areas for both players and the media within the stadium. Borussia estimate the project to be finished by spring 2019.

Borussia hotel to be run by H-Hotels-AG

The building work has been carried out by Köster GmbH in Osnabrück. The office of SOP Architekten, located in Düsseldorf, was responsible for the project’s planning, while the architectural work was undertaken by Geplan Design. The Borussia hotel is run by H-Hotels-AG, located in Bad Arolsen. “Fans’ interest in Borussia has steadily grown over the past few years. With this new building, we want to offer a bigger slice of Borussia to fans than ever before. On the other hand, we’re making additional infrastructural changes,” said President Rolf Königs.

The most important facts on “Borussia-8-Grad”

Who has been enlisted to carry out the new construction?

The building work has been carried out by Köster GmbH in Osnabrück, while the office of SOP Architekten, located in Düsseldorf, was responsible for the project’s planning. Geplan Design were responsible for the project’s conception, interior design, choice of materials and implementation of interior design. The hotel is run by H-Hotels-AG, located in Bad Arolsen. Their contract with Borussia will last for 20 years.

How much does the new building cost?

31 million Euros has been invested in the 15,000 square meter building. Borussia themselves contributed ten million Euros of this sum. The remainder was provided via a 20-year-long loan from Postbank.

When will the construction be complete?

The new building should be completed in spring 2019.

What does the new building contain?

The new building will be directly connected to the stadium and offices. The ground floor will feature a 1000 square metre ‘World of Experience’, where various artifacts from Borussia’s history and various interactive elements from the present-day can be marvelled at. The new fanshop will also be located on the ground floor. There will be three doctor’s surgeries on the first floor, and the Borussia team doctors will have their offices there in future. Additionally, the hotel lounge will be situated on the first floor, as well as five suites. The second to fourth floors will house 125 hotel rooms. “The rooms are all Borussia-themed,” explains Chief Executive Stephan Schippers. Office spaces for the club’s offices will be located on the fifth floor. The building management and Medicoreha will also have offices on the floor. The sixth floor will house a rehab and fitness centre, as well as Medicoreha’s treatment rooms.

What will the new building look like?

The building will stretch along a large part of the west stand, with a slanting design reminiscent of the Borussia diamond, which will be placed on a windowless front face. The sides will be completely made of glass. A shared foyer connects the new building with the stadium, and serves as a central access point to the stadium.

Why did Borussia scrap their original plan to operate the hotel with the Lindner group? Why do they now have a different partnership with H-Hotels group?

Originally, Borussia wanted to run the hotel independently. However, after around two years, the conclusion was made to take on the project with a partner. Plans made with the Lindner Group stipulated that they be the operating company. “We then recognised that having a sole operator as our partner instead was the right thing to do,” said Schippers. H-Hotels Group had pursued this model since the project’s inception.

What does Borussia expect of the new building?

Fans should be able to gain an interactive Borussia experience. Moreover, the new construction will make areas of the stadium more accessible and closer to each other. The number of events in BORUSSIA-PARK should also significantly increase. Up until now, there have been around 400 events a year, but this number should increase to 750-800 once “Borussia-8-Grad” is complete. Concerts, conferences and meetings are examples of some of the events that take place at BORUSSIA-PARK. The new construction also facilitates the act of pursuing both commercial as well as sporting development. Of course, another aim is to increase the club’s turnover.

What will be done to ease traffic concerns?

A new street is being built around the construction, which guarantees access to the new project. The area between “Borussia-8-Grad” and the stadium is traffic-free, and there is a new separate car park for the players. Furthermore, additional parking places have been created for visitors to BORUSSIA-PARK.

Which construction measures are also going on at BORUSSIA-PARK?

Work is also being done to the FohlenStall, with a new boarding school being built for the youth teams in the vicinity of the training pitches. “The FohlenStall in the stadium, housing just twelve players, has become too small for our vision to educate top talents from Mönchengladbach, the region, Germany and Europe,” explains Sporting Director Max Eberl. Therefore, a new building with over 20 apartments is being constructed. The new FohlenStall should also be completed by spring 2019. Around three million Euros have been set aside for the project. Talks with Santander Bank are ongoing vis-à-vis fiscal support for the new building.