“Borussia-8-Grad” in BORUSSIA-PARK

“Borussia-8-Grad” was officially opened on 13th February 2019. Alongside the H4 Hotel, the building complex also houses the club museum, the fan shop, medical practices, the rehabilitation and fitness centre, and club offices.

Over the last two and a half years, the plans of renowned Düsseldorf-based architecture firm SOP have been realised with a new build at BORUSSIA-PARK between the stadium and the Fohlenplatz. Its name: “Borussia-8-Grad” – ‘Grad’ being the German word for ‘degrees’, representing the structure’s slanted characteristic. The building lies parallel to the stadium’s west stand and, thanks to its sloped design, it conjures up images of the club’s famous diamond logo, which is also featured on the two windowless sides of the structure. The length of the building is made completely of glass on both sides, while a foyer seamlessly links the new build to the stadium and also doubles up as a main entrance.

Seven floors of Borussia

There are around 15,000 square metres of floor space across the seven floors of the building. The majority of it, namely 46 percent of the complex, is occupied by the H4 Hotel with its 131 rooms and a lounge on the first floor. The neighbouring wings are home to medical practices. Physicians Heribert Ditzel (internal medicine), Stefan Hertl (orthopaedics) and Herbert Schrammen (urology) have around 600 square metres between them.

The ground floor is a hub for true Borussia lovers. On one side is the newly designed FohlenShop, with around 1,000 square metres and a total of 22 checkouts guaranteeing a smooth shopping experience, even on busy matchdays. On the other side is the FohlenWelt, where the history of Borussia is told across more than 1,100 square metres. The interactive club museum was officially opened on 3rd May 2019.

On the sixth floor, you’ll find the Medical Park with its rehabilitation and fitness centre. “Health and wellness in a perfect setting” is the Medical Park slogan, and patients there will certainly understand it after spending time in its more than 1,500 square metres with a magnificent view of BORUSSIA-PARK. Finally, on the fifth floor, there are additional club offices for Gladbach staff.

Interactive Foals experience

The club began work on “Borussia-8-Grad” in November 2016. Around €31 million has been invested into the project, with Gladbach covering €10 million directly. The remaining €21 million has been funded via a 20-year loan from Postbank. The construction was carried out by Köster GmbH from Osnabrück and sop architekten from Düsseldorf were responsible for planning, while the conception, interior design, material selection and interior furnishing was done by Geplan Design. The Borussia hotel will be run by H-Hotels AG from Bad Arolsen, who have a 20-year contract with the club.

The new build aims to improve the way fans interact with Borussia, while moving everything closer together. The number of events at BORUSSIA-PARK are due to increase as a result of the addition. There had previously been around 400 events per year, with that number expected to rise to between 750 and 800 events per year following the construction of the building, including concerts, conferences and conventions. “Borussia-8-Grad” will therefore not only develop the club on a sporting level, but also on a commercial one.