The administration building

The administration building at Hennes-Weisweiler-Allee 1 has five floors.

  • In level -1, i.e. the basement, there are facilities for the first team squad, the U-23 and the youth teams, plus the press area, a storage area of the merchandising and a number of rooms that are primarily used on match days by the police, security and service staff and last but not least by the match officials. For Bundesliga games the U-23 changing rooms and wet area are made available to the away team.
  • The ground floor houses the foyer, the Business Lounge and the Sports Bar, which is used as a VIP area on match days. There are also some of the club offices. The Sports Bar is open seven days a week when Borussia aren’t at home and everyone is welcome.
  • The first and second floors are almost identical. They contain executive boxes, more club offices and the youth academy boarding facilities.
  • The third floor houses the commentary positions for radio and television, the stadium P.A. , offices overlooking the pitch for the police and security staff and additional rooms for the youth academy. The medical and rehab section, Borussia Mönchengladbach Sportrehabilitation GmbH, is also based here.

The building covers 18,500 m² of floor space on five floors and forms part of the West Stand.