Answers regarding merchandise

User data:

How can I register or log in?

Enter your user name and your password at top left. The user name matches your Borussia customer number or your membership number.

As a registered customer, you will be given the possibility of checking your data under “My account” and, if you so wish, making changes. Please remember that changes to your billing address may also affect ticket dispatch and your membership details.

As a new customer please click on register and complete the form with your data. Then you enter your user name and a password. Then registration is complete and you will get confirmation by e-mail with your user name (customer number). When you next visit the site, you can log in with your user name and your password.

How do I change my personal data or my password?

Please log in and click on “My account”. Here you can change your address data and your password.

Is the data transfer secure?

Yes, all the data is transferred securely by SSL encryption and used only for your order. It will not be passed on to third parties.


Ordering process:

How can I place an order?

Click “Add to basket” beside the article. The article is now in the basket which you can see on the top right. Click on “View basket” and you will see a list of the items in the basket. Here you have the option of changing or deleting the number of items. If all the articles are correct, you can continue ordering by clicking on “Continue”. If you are already a registered Customer, you enter your user name. If you are not yet registered, please click on “Register now” and complete the form. After your data has been checked, the order process can be completed.

Can I also order by telephone or e-mail?

You can reach our Service Hotline under 01805-18 1900 (0.14 € from the German Telekom landline network, mobile phone max. 0.42 €/min.)

You can reach us by fax under 02161-92 93 1259

Can I remove articles from the basket?

Yes, you can view the basket, change articles or delete them at any time.

How can I send off my order?

Your order is only completed when you click on “Buy now".

Will I get confirmation?

You will be given the option of printing out your order confirmation online. In addition, you will receive confirmation by e-mail.


Payment and Costs:

What are the possible methods of payment?

You can choose between convenient payment by direct debit (as existing customer) from your account, by credit card (Visa / Master Card), by PayPal, by paydirekt or cash on demand directly with the postman (plus. 5.60 €).

How high are the shipping costs?

All prices include VAT at the currently valid rate.

The following shipping costs apply for postage and packing:

For deliveries within the country, we deliver free of shipping costs from a purchase price of 75 €.

For orders with an order value of less than 74.99 € a flat rate shipping charge of 4.95 € will apply.

For orders within the European Union, we shall charge a flat rate of 12.95 €, for orders outside the European Union a flat rate of 24.95 € for shipping costs.



How can I find a certain article? How can I search?

Either via the heading in the navigation or via the search function in the left search field. The search is a full text search which searches for all search terms and article numbers. For example, if you enter “Jünter” you will find all the articles from the Jünter Collection or by using the article number from the catalogue you can find the desired article.


Can I look at everything or does any obligation arise?

You can browse to your heart’s content without any obligation Look at the articles, choose them and add them to the basket. At any time you can delete the article again or finish your “shopping tour” without making a purchase. Only when you have clicked on the button “Buy now” do we register your order.

How can I look at an article?

Move through the headings in the upper navigation bar, click on an article of your choice. Here you will see details of colour, size and description. For some articles, a larger picture and a picture which can be turned through 360° is possible. To do this, click on the relevant button on the picture.

How can I check to see what articles are in the basket?

Click on “My basket” on the top right. As the basket is filled, the background colour changes to green.

How can I order jerseys with players’ names and numbers?

In the detail view of a jersey with player name and number you will find a table for adults and one for children. Choose your player and the desired size by clicking the relevant button. Only now should you add the article to your basket. >You can check quite easily to see if everything is OK by clicking “view” on the basket display. Here all the details on your article are shown again. If you have entered the wrong size or selected the wrong player, delete the article from the basket. Select the article again.

What is the ideal screen resolution for looking at the shop?

Our e-shop is optimised for a screen resolution of 1280 X 1024 pixel

and for the MS Internet Explorer from Version 7 and Mozilla Firefox.



How long does shipping take?

Your package will leave our dispatch centre within 6 working days. The delivery time for jerseys with individual flock may take up to 12 working days.

Can I send back the goods if I don’t like them?

You have the right to return goods within 14 days. Please use the return coupon enclosed in the package. We hope that you will understand that jerseys with individual flocking cannot be returned.

Is there a minimum order sum?

No, there is not minimum order sum.