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Up to 24 youth team players live in the Santander FohlenStall. The new boarding school, opened in December 2018, is located right next to the Santander FohlenCampus at BORUSSIA-PARK, and offers Gladbach talents and the club optimal conditions:

  • Through the boarding school, Borussia have the opportunity to attract players to the club from the whole of Germany and even from abroad.
  • It’s a particular advantage for the players to be living only a few metres away from the training pitch, and the changing, weights and rehab rooms.
  • Being closer to the training pitch allows the players more time for academic work.

Quality over quantity

Marc Trostel

Borussia prioritise quality over quantity when it comes to youth players: “We don’t want to take a scattergun approach – we want to select players,” explains Sporting Director Max Eberl. “Young, raw players with plenty of quality, staying true to our philosophy. The talents that we welcome on board should receive the best possible support.”

The 24 rooms, spread out over four floors, are each 25 square metres big and fully furnished. Numerous education and tutoring rooms offer an ideal learning environment, and thanks to the extensive Bertelsmann-Lexikothek, a huge online reference guide, no question goes unanswered. The kitchen and the living and accommodation areas are distinctly bigger than those in the old FohlenStall, which was located mainly on the first and second floors of the stadium, and offered accommodation for up to twelve youth players from October 2004 until December 2018. Further highlights include a rooftop terrace, a sauna for recovery purposes and a 2x4 metre big indoor football tennis pitch.

Birgitt and Wolfgang Lintjens.

Boarding school head Marc Trostel, and husband and wife Birgitt and Wolfgang Lintjens, also live in the Santander FohlenStall, and are on hand to help the young Foals in their day-to-day lives, should they have any personal problems. Borussia’s ecotrophologist Melf Carstensen supports the players with their diets and offers regular workshops on the topic. A social education worker, together with Borussia’s youth performance centre psychologist, Christopher Wilting, help the teenagers with larger problems and concerns, and how to overcome these worries.