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NEWS: 14.03.2016

"It hurts to leave Gladbach"

"It hurts to leave Gladbach"
Havard Nordtveit will find it hard to say goodbye to Borussia.

Havard Nordtveit will leave Borussia at the end of the season. We spoke to the Norwegian about the reasons for his decision.

Havard, you told Max Eberl last week that you won't be accepting Borussia's offer of a new contract. Why?

Nordtveit: It was a really hard decision for me. I know what I have here at Borussia. I love this club, I've had five and a half wonderful years here and I have friends in the team and the club. However, I'm just 25 years old and I now have the chance to take my career in a new direction and start a new adventure. It hurts to leave Gladbach but it's not a decision against Borussia, but rather for something new.

Where are you off to now?

Nordtveit: I'd like to leave it to my new team to announce, which we've agreed with regards to the current situation. I can say, however, that I'm going back to England. I was there as a youngster, playing for Arsenal when I was 17, but I never made an appearance in the Premier League. England is the big goal for every footballer in Norway and I'd like to try it out.

Were there many clubs interested in you?

Nordtveit: Yes, but I left the discussions to my agent as I wanted to concentrate on playing for Borussia. I was in England for a bit to talk with the manager of my new club. I'd like to thank Max Eberl, who has fought hard for me and made my decision very hard.

Is it possible that we'll see you again next year in the Champions League or the Europa League?

Nordtveit: Possibly, I'd like that a lot. I'll still give everything in my remaining games here so that Borussia can compete in Europe next year. Preferably in the Champions League, but Europa League qualification would also be a superb result.

You've experienced a very exciting time in Mönchengladbach. Do you think even more exciting things lie ahead in England?

Nordtveit: (laughs) It's true that my time here will be hard to beat. I still remember how things were when I arrived in January 2011 at the same time as Martin Stranzl and Mike Hanke. Borussia were bottom of the table and many had already written us off, but the fans and everyone at the club believed we could still stay up. What happened after that was crazy. The same is true of the years that have followed. I'll miss our fans as they were behind me even when things weren't going so well. This incredible support, both home and away, is truly unique.

Are there any teammates you'll particularly miss?

Nordtveit: Oh yes, I'll miss the whole squad. I don’t want to think about that now as I've still got two months here and I want to enjoy that time. I'll say my goodbyes when the time comes and I hope that the people here will have fond memories of me. I can say that this club, its people and its fans will stay in my heart.

To finish, one more question about your injury. You were taken off against Frankfurt with a knee injury. Will you be able to play on Friday against Schalke?

Nordtveit: Yes, that'll be fine. I don't want to miss any games!