NEWS: 10.09.2017

“We have to be more determined”

“We have to be more determined”
Captain Lars Stindl

Captain Lars Stindl spoke after the 1-0 loss to Eintracht Frankfurt about the reasons for the defeat and the change of system during the game.

Lars, what do you think went wrong against Frankfurt?

Stindl: There are several factors. We put in a lot of effort, changed our system at half time and had phases where we controlled possession. However, our main issue was the final ball and also we lost too many 50-50s. We have to put all these things right to win games.

The team seemed to be taken by surprise by Frankfurt’s style of play. Would you agree?

Stindl: We were actually well aware of what Frankfurt would bring to the table. We wanted to avoid letting Frankfurt play through the middle but we didn’t get into the game to begin with. Frankfurt had a great chance after a few seconds and it wasn’t long until we conceded. Then, of course, it gets difficult as Eintracht Frankfurt had a solid back five that was difficult to break down.

Did Frankfurt take the wind out of your sails at the start of the game?

Stindl: Yeah I think that’s fair. Usually, we’re quick to get going in games and it’s a characteristic I’ve long associated with this team. We’ve had issues in both the game against Augsburg and versus Frankfurt in terms of conceding early. Last week, we were able to equalise but we couldn’t this time round.

Why weren’t Borussia able to create many chances?

Stindl: Before halftime, we had a few chances on the break when we got the ball down and found space. We did well when we got into those situations but we weren’t quite able to get past Frankfurt. In the second half, we tried our best but couldn’t make any inroads. We needed a bit of luck but we just couldn’t quite get it today.

Where does that leave Borussia now?

Stindl: We need to discuss what went wrong and analyse how we can improve offensively. Until now, we’ve been creating chances in all the games but that didn’t happen against Frankfurt. We weren’t strong enough in the tackle or in the air. We did better towards the end but it was too little too late.

What effect did the change of system in the second half have in your eyes?

Stindl: In preseason, we frequently changed system during the game and we’ve done it well in the past. We wanted to play more on the front foot and get into wider areas to counteract Frankfurt packing the middle full. Then, we came closer and it shows that we have options available to us.