NEWS: 24.09.2017

"Shrug off the defeat as quickly as possible"

"Shrug off the defeat as quickly as possible"
Christoph Kramer in action against Dortmund.

After losing 6-1 to Borussia Dortmund, we sat down with our midfield-man, Christoph Kramer to talk about the defeat and the upcoming game against Hannover 96.

Christoph, what exactly went wrong in Dortmund on Saturday?

Kramer: I think we need to sit down and analyse this in peace. Then we need to shrug off this defeat as quickly as possible. One thing is certain; there was nothing for us to gain from that game in Dortmund. The fact that we played poorly doesn’t need talking about either.

The team had very good chances to score at 0-0 and 2-0, but these were not converted. The third goal just before half time killed the game. What lessons can be learned from this?

Kramer:I don’t think we ever gave up, even in the second half, but when you’re 3-0 down going into the break it doesn’t get any easier to go into the fifty-fifties and your legs begin to tire. Like I say, we need to look at the facts and analyse this game, then we need to move forward.

How quickly is it possible to shrug off a defeat like this as a player?

Kramer: There’s no need to just talk negatively about everything now, but we also can’t gloss over anything either. It wasn’t a good game from any of us. In my opinion, we won’t do ourselves any favours by deliberating over this game too much and for too long. Days like this, where everything is so poor collectively, don’t come about very often.

How was it for you personally wearing the mask during the game?

Kramer: Obviously it’s something I’m not used to, but I tried personally not to make too big a deal of the mask. If you keep thinking about the fact that you’ve got something like that on your face, that’s when it affects you negatively. But I don’t have a choice in whether I wear it or not.

Will the defeat in Dortmund dampen the atmosphere in the dressing room?

Kramer: There is no danger of this dragging us down. We know that we failed as a team. At the back and up front. We won’t be pointing the finger at each other.

What effect could the 6-1 have on the coming game against promoted side and in-form Hannover 96?

Kramer: We now have a week’s time to work things out and get our heads up. Obviously the defeat hurts still, but by Tuesday at the very latest we will have our attention on the game against Hannover. We will be going into this game with a clean slate.