NEWS: 01.10.2017

“Important that we could get the winner”

“Important that we could get the winner”
Matthias Ginter scored his first goal for the Fohlenelf yesterday.

Matthias Ginter scored his first goal for the Fohlenelf in the 2-1 victory over Hannover 96 and was the strongest player for Borussia with 83% of challenges won. We sat down for a chat with the 23-year-old.

Matthias, you took Borussia into the lead with the first goal of the match. Can you remember the last goal you scored?

Ginter: Of course, it was for BVB in April 2016 in the derby against Schalke.

How did yesterday’s match go in your opinion?

Ginter: It was a fairly even match without many big chances in either of the boxes. Our uncertainty after the Dortmund match was apparent at the beginning and we couldn’t create much up front, but we didn’t let them get in behind. Set pieces were the most dangerous areas for both teams and all three goals resulted from set pieces. It’s good to know that we can count on our strength in set pieces even when we’re not playing so well.

Things got a bit hairy in added time...

Ginter: Yeah, the game could’ve gone the other way several times. On one hand, we were very lucky that Martin Harnik only hit the woodwork from two yards out – we would probably have lost if he had scored that. On the other hand, Jannik Vestergaard had a great chance with a header and then came the penalty. Football is such a game of fine lines sometimes.

What did you think of the penalty situation and the long wait for the video assistant referee’s decision?

Ginter: First and foremost, I have to say that I think video assistance is a good thing. I wasn’t surprised when then referee consulted the video assistant because it was a penalty in my opinion.

How was it playing with Michaël Cuisance in his first starting XI appearance?

Ginter: He was very active, he covered a lot of ground and worked really hard, but I already knew he would from the game against Stuttgart and also from training. He can really help us with his creativity and style of play in games like these when there aren’t so many chances being created.

Does the win make up for the 6-1 loss in Dortmund?

Ginter: The game yesterday didn’t have much to do with the match against Dortmund – we can’t get any points back from that match. Of course, it’s not the end of the world to lose to Dortmund, but we shouldn’t be beaten like that. We just wanted to win yesterday and that’s what we did. We’ve won three of four home games and now we want to take some points in Bremen.

Before that game, there’s the international break and you’ll be away with the Germany national team.

Ginter: It’s always better to go into a break like this after a win rather than after a bad result – that can really prey on your mind because you can’t easily get over it. So, it was important that we could get the winner yesterday.