NEWS: 04.12.2017

"We missed a big opportunity"

"We missed a big opportunity"
"You just have to accept that Wolfsburg were the better team on the day," reflects Yann Sommer.

We caught up with Yann Sommer following the 3-0 loss at Wolfsburg. He gave his thoughts on the match, Borussia’s position in the league table and next weekend’s Schalke 04 clash.

Yann, what was the main reason for yesterday’s loss?

Sommer: We just weren’t good enough over the full 90 to take anything from the game. You just have to accept that Wolfsburg were the better team on the day.

Why did you find it so difficult to get into the game?

Sommer: Sometimes it’s difficult to explain why you can’t put into practice what you intended. We’ve played very well in past weeks, so it’s all the more disappointing that we started slowly yesterday. We didn’t get close enough to the Wolfsburg players and weren’t physical enough in our challenges. They took advantage of that and were clinical in front of goal.

It was as if you only woke up after going two down…

Sommer: Yeah, that’s how it felt on the pitch, too. We started getting a grip on the game in the last 15 minutes of the first half and had a few chances to pull a goal back. Things might’ve turned out differently if we’d scored then.

You kept on pressing in the second half, but Josuha Guilavogui’s 71st minute goal effectively sealed the game. How do you reflect on that goal?

Sommer: He caught the ball perfectly, but of course it took that unlucky deflection off Zakaria because otherwise it would’ve gone wide. The nature of the deflection was symptomatic of the whole game really.

You would’ve gone up to second in the table with a win. Is it a particularly frustrating loss?

Sommer: Every defeat hurts, yesterday’s too. We know we could’ve made a big step forward with a win and that we missed an opportunity. All the same, the league table isn’t the most important thing right now. We need to make sure we keep the focus until the winter break so we go into the second half of the season with a strong base.

Gladbach face Schalke 04 in a top-of-the-table clash at the BORRUSIA-PARK (18:30 CET) on Saturday. Can you take anything positive from yesterday into that match?

Sommer: There were definitely a few good things, but what’s important is to analyse what we did wrong in the opening 25 minutes so that it doesn’t happen again. We have a huge home game on Saturday and we’ll have to make sure we are ready over 90 minutes.