NEWS: 07.11.2018

Hofmann: "We want to defend second place"

Hofmann: "We want to defend second place"
Jonas Hofmann already has five goals to his name this season.

Jonas Hofmann spoke in an interview about his current run of form, his aims with Borussia and this coming Saturday’s fixture in Bremen.

Jonas, we waited a long time for your first Bundesliga goal with Borussia. Now, ten games into the new season and your tally stands at five. What are your personal aims from here?

Hofmann: I don’t really know myself yet (laughs). Five goals after ten games is obviously a great tally, but it’s important now to keep building on these good performances. I want to, or rather, the team wants to keep playing the kind of football we’ve shown over the majority of our first ten league games. We cannot make the mistake of resting on our laurels – we need to keep pushing on. Obviously I’m more than happy for other players to score the goals as well, as long as we’re successful as a team.

What has made you all so strong so far this season?

Hofmann:First and foremost, it’s our solid defence that makes us strong. We’re well-organised and give the opposition very little going forward, that’s the basis. Our attack is so strong at the moment because we’re simply making the right decisions in the final third a lot. I hope we can continue like this.

You are currently second in the table. What does that do to you?

Hofmann:Obviously it’s nice to look at the table now, but we know to look at it realistically. Lots of fans might be dreaming of more now, but we’ve only played ten Bundesliga games and we will continue to take one game at a time.

Let’s both do that now then: On Saturday you travel to Bremen. Can the fans expect an attacking spectacle there?

Hofmann: Both teams play good football and are attack-orientated, so the spectators can hope for an end-to-end game. If both teams play to their full potential it could be a really good encounter. We’re certainly looking forward to it. It would be great if we can defend our position at second in the table, then we could go into the international break and enjoy looking at the table for another two weeks at least.