NEWS: 29.11.2018

Strobl: “We want to keep this form going for as long as possible”

Strobl: “We want to keep this form going for as long as possible”
Tobias Strobl

Tobias Strobl spoke in an interview about the current run of the team, the upcoming away game in Leipzig and his long way back into the team.

Tobi, you have won five out of your last six Bundesliga games. Why is the team so successful at the moment?

Strobl:We are simply functioning very well as a team. We have been putting in very good defensive performances as well as being very dangerous going forward and scoring a lot of goals. We have defensively stable, although we did make a mistake against Hannover to let them go 1-0 up. However, we came back superbly, showed great morale and deserved the win in the end. Therefore, we are second in the table.

How happy are you with the position in the table?

Strobl: To be honest, I hardly look at the table. If you keep winning, you know you are relatively high in the table (laughs). Our only focus is on the next game and we want to keep this form going for as long as possible.

On Sunday (15:30 CET), you have a tough game in Leipzig. How are you looking at the game?

Strobl: Leipzig are a very strong team, who have very fast and dangerous players going forward. However, if we are tidy in defence on Sunday, we will have a chance to win the game. If they attack with a lot of people, we will be able to take advantage of the space they leave behind.

You were out with an injury for a long time last season. How did you experience your time on the sidelines?

Strobl: Last season was not easy for me. I was away from the boys for months. When they were out on the pitch, I would be in the gym working on my comeback. I was running at the same time. But I could not be with the team. I think for footballers, it is mentally more difficult when you are injured. But these are just things that as a professional footballer you have to go through.

It’s said, that when you are injured, you should always come back stronger...

Strobl: I trust my body again and I feel that I am getting more into gear week by week. It is fantastic to be out on the pitch again and to be able to help the team.

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