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Elvedi: The centre-back position is made for me

Elvedi: The centre-back position is made for me
Nico Elvedi at the training camp in Jerez.

During the winter training camp in Jerez, Nico Elvedi spoke with the media about…

…his move from right-back to centre-back: I think it was a clever move by the coaching team. I feel very happy at centre-back, as I have played there in the past too. I think you can see that on the pitch. It’s like the position was made for me. I can see the whole game and can help build up play more effectively.

…the public’s perception of him: I don’t have the feeling that I am criticised a lot. Despite the fact I have made lots of appearances, I think people can still appreciate that I am only 22 and will still make mistakes. To develop as a footballer you need to learn from those mistakes.

…the strong defence in the first half of the season: Every player in the team is part of the defence – whether it is a striker closing space, or the goalkeeper saving us. In this season we have worked well as a team against the ball and have been very compact. Perhaps that is a result of the new formation we started using.

…the return of Matthias Ginter: He is an important part of our side, which we saw in the Hinrunde. I have a good partnership with him in defence and I am delighted that he will be back for the next part of the season, so that we can play together again.

…his new role while Ginter was out injured: I would say this period of time was another stage in my development, because I became the “boss” in defence alongside Jordan Beyer. I want to carry on taking more responsibility and communicate more with my teammates. This will be the next step in my career.

…the first game back against Leverkusen: It will definitely be a difficult game for us, but I am confident if we play like we have recently we will do well. We have a lot of quality in our team and if we show that against Leverkusen, then we have a good chance.

…his development in the Swiss national side: My role in the national side continues to increase. The national coach has played me at centre-back, whereas I used to play as a right-back here at Borussia, which meant I was missing the match practice at centre-back. I’m happy now that I play centrally here – this means I should get more chances for Switzerland there too.

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