NEWS: 23.01.2019

Kramer: "The team’s success is most important"

Kramer: "The team’s success is most important"
Christoph Kramer

Ahead of Borussia’s clash with FC Augsburg on Saturday (15:30 CET), we spoke to Christoph Kramer about his current situation, a successful start to the second half of the season and upcoming matches.

Christoph, you missed a few matches earlier this season after sustaining ligament damage in your ankle. However, you made your comeback shortly before the winter break in Dortmund and came off the bench for the final nine minutes in Leverkusen. How are you currently feeling?

Kramer: I’m feeling good and back to full fitness. I have fully recovered from the injury and was able to fully participate in the winter training camp in Jerez de la Frontera. After returning from Spain, I have been fully participating in team training.

How are you feeling regarding the amount of match time you are currently receiving?

Kramer: Of course I would’ve like to have played for longer in Leverkusen, but this isn’t my decision. I can offer my services in training and give my best to receive match time. When I do get the chance to play, I give everything I have. As a player, you constantly want to be involved in matches but that isn’t always possible. I'm definitely not in low spirits. The most important thing for me is the team's success and at the moment we are playing very well.

How would you describe the successful start to the Rückrunde in Leverkusen?

Kramer: The victory in Leverkusen was very important. It was our first competitive match of the second half of the season, away from home and we have managed to build a twelve point lead over Leverkusen, distancing ourselves from the rest. We were fortunate on a couple of occasions in the match but I also believe Leverkusen got a bit lucky in the DFB-Pokal match against us. I wouldn’t right them off as challengers for Europe.

In your next two matches, Borussia face FC Augsburg and Schalke 04. Both of these teams are in the bottom half of the table. What are your thoughts ahead of these matches?

Kramer: It is always dangerous to underestimate teams. We have two difficult opponents ahead of us in the shape of Augsburg and Schalke. Augsburg haven’t secured as many points as their performances deserved in my opinion. Their performances in Dortmund and Munich show what they can do. When they play against the top teams, Augsburg like to play man-for-man across the entire pitch. This makes it difficult for teams to play them. Schalke also possess a lot of quality but the team hasn’t been able to deliver as well on the pitch so far this season. Nevertheless, they are still very tough opponents. Both matches will be difficult.