NEWS: 03.02.2019

Kramer: We are always able to score goals

Kramer: We are always able to score goals
Christoph Kramer gave Borussia a 1-0 lead away against Schalke. Photo: imago

Following the away victory against FC Schalke 04, caught up with Christoph Kramer to talk about his dream goal.

Christoph, how would you describe the 2-0 victory away against Schalke on Saturday?

Kramer: The red card was the turning point in the match. After they went down to ten men, we played very patiently and forced Schalke to play with a deep defensive line. We contained them in their half and had several chances in and around the penalty area. We won free-kicks in some promising areas. We played well with a lot of patience and fortunately scored two late goals.

You helped to seal the victory with an incredible goal. Your goal was quite similar to your strike in Hannover last season…

Kramer: A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into goals such as the one yesterday. I have a go from long distance every now and again. It is always amazing whenever a goal goes in. Thorgan did very well in the build up to the goal. One of our strengths is how many players who are good in one-on-one situations. Just like in Hannover, I controlled the ball with my right foot before shooting with my left foot and firing home. I enjoyed that and am pleased I could score a similar goal on Saturday.

Third match of 2019, third victory – without conceding. What have you done so well in recent matches?

Kramer: I believe we play unbelievably well. We can defend well in very deep positions, we are dangerous on the counter and strong in possession. We approach each match in the right way and continue to work on our successes. Of course it also helps that we haven’t had many injuries throughout the course of the season.

You beat Schalke similarly to how you beat Augsburg - with two late goals…

Kramer: In the Bundesliga it can take 60 to 70 minutes until you are able break down your opponents. We know that we have to be lively and utilize our quality to use the space well. We have a great understanding between us which is very useful for getting goals, but the work before the 60 or 70 minutes which maybe didn’t look so great was also very important.

After the win you are now level on points with Bayern. Some media outlets are now talking about you being the Dortmund-chasers. What do you make of that?

Kramer: Obviously we are very happy to be second in the table and, after 20 matchdays, the table does not lie. However we definitely don’t feel like Dortmund-chasers. Dortmund and Bayern remain the toughest teams in the league. We shouldn’t change our strategy that we’ve been using up until now or focus on different things.

Always thinking from game-to-game?

Kramer: Of course. I know that that sounds a bit boring but we really do think from game-to-game. It’s the recipe for success. Since we don’t play in Europe, we can prepare for games very intensely throughout the week, study the opponents, set up a match plan and try things out on the drawing board. I know that the table looks good from our point of view and I don’t want to say that we don’t look at it. However it doesn’t really help you in any way because you can have two or three bad games and then be in a completely different position. Our greatest tactic is really just to focus on the next opponent.

For you there have just been the seven Bundesliga games this season. What do you make of your situation?

Kramer: Of course it’s not the best situation for me to be in. However, the team are doing very well in my position. At the end of the day my situation is in the context of a team sport. It doesn’t help to moan and complain, that’s not my style. So long as we keep on winning, it’s good for me, of course it’s even better if I get to be a part of the wins.