NEWS: 10.02.2019

Sommer: “We won’t let ourselves get knocked off course”

Sommer: “We won’t let ourselves get knocked off course”
Keeper Yann Sommer conceded three yesterday.

Yann Sommer has discussed the reasons for the 3-0 home defeat to Hertha BSC and the upcoming away match at Eintracht Frankfurt.

Yann, how would you break down the defeat against Hertha?

Sommer: The defeat obviously hurts, but on the whole they fully deserved the win. We played well for the first 25 minutes and it was noticeable that they had played 120 minutes in the cup during the week. We got in behind and found space in their defence, resulting in several good chances early on. Nevertheless, we couldn’t find the goal and failed to control the game after that. We played too slowly and allowed Hertha to play on the counter and get in behind.

After going 1-0 behind, the team struggled to find their game. Why was that?

Sommer: That’s difficult to say. At the break we made it clear that we wanted to find an equaliser, but in the second half we struggled to find space and couldn’t create any real openings. Hertha simply played very well, defended strongly and played brilliantly on the counter. We didn’t manage to play at a high tempo, which would have things more difficult for them. They positioned themselves well and tackled hard – therefore they got the win.

Jonas Hofmann had to go off injured early on. How much did that affect the game?

Sommer: Obviously Jonas is massively important to us. I hope that his injury isn’t anything serious. Despite that, we have a number of good offensive players, which ensures that we can compensate for any injures. Michaël Cuisance replaced him well after coming on.

How frustrated were you personally to concede three goals against Hertha?

Sommer: I’m just disappointed with the result overall. We intended on playing well and carrying on our winning streak at home. We couldn’t do it this time, which nobody is happy about. We won’t allow ourselves to be knocked off course by this though.

Before the game a lot of people had discussed the possible record 13th victory at home. Do you think that was on the player’s minds?

Sommer: I don’t think so. We were proud to be playing for that record. The Bundesliga is a very open league, so things can easily go a bit wrong. We knew that Hertha would be tough to beat, which the result proved.

How sad are you that you couldn’t break the record with a 13th straight home win?

Sommer: It’s always nice to have a home record like that. Obviously our aim was to win the game and break the record, but Hertha were the better team and deservedly left with the three points.

Dortmund drew with Hoffenheim. Does that make the defeat against Hertha even more frustrating?

Sommer: No. We only concentrate on ourselves and don’t look at what other teams are doing. We wanted to win this home game and didn’t do so. Now we will get over this game and place our focus on our upcoming match against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Frankfurt will be another tough challenge. What kind of game are you expecting?

Sommer: I’m excited for the game and I think it will be a great match. We will face another top side that have had a good season so far and also possess a very good offensive unit. We will analyse the match against Hertha and work out what mistakes we made, so that we are fully prepared for the Frankfurt game.