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Stindl: “A similar game to against Mainz”

Stindl: “A similar game to against Mainz”
Lars Stindl

Lars Stindl spoke about the win in Mainz, the game against Freiburg earlier this season, and the strengths of Gladbach’s upcoming opponents.

Lars, how do you rate the win in Mainz?

Stindl: In Mainz you could see that we gave our all to stop the negative trend right from the start. With a bit of luck and a bit of a weird situation, we went 1-0 up. That’s how you need to get a goal in a game like that.

You spoke about a “scrappy win”. Do you enjoy those more than a win where you win big?

Stindl: In a game with a lot of goals, you maybe you know that you’ve won before the end, so you can play out the final minutes quite relaxed, it’s a lot of fun! However a game like the one against Mainz where you have to put in everything from the first to the last minute to win 1-0 gives you a real kick as well.

Gladbach didn’t look great against your upcoming opponents, Freiburg, in the reverse fixture.

Stindl: Right. We went 1-0 down very early but then calmed the game down and went forward, earning the goal to make it 1-1. Why we dropped off again in the second half, I don’t know. We went behind again and deserved to lose 3-1.

What’s your feeling ahead of the Freiburg game?

Stindl: We’re expecting a similar game to against Mainz, as Freiburg have had a good second half of the season so far. Despite that, we want to finally get a win in BORUSSIA-PARK again.

Borussia have often struggled against Freiburg...

Stindl: That’s right, at least in the away games. Our record in Freiburg is really bad and we often come home empty-handed. We play well against Freiburg in BORUSSIA-PARK, though, and usually pick up the points that we set out to. I wouldn’t have anything against us continuing this trend on Friday.

How do you rate what’s going on at Freiburg?

Stindl: It’s a very young, very talented team that always push themselves to the limit. In Christian Streich they have a very involved, emotional coach on the touchline, who makes the most out of situations year after year. They’re a very likeable club and it’s always nice to see them win, outside of when we’re playing them! (laughs)

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