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“We were too passive” - Düsseldorf reaction

“We were too passive” - Düsseldorf reaction
Denis Zakaria: “We need to step up our game”

We gathered the thoughts from the players and coaches after Borussia’s 3-1 loss at Fortuna Düsseldorf.

Matthias Ginter: We knew what to expect yet we still played completely into their hands. Quick counterattacking is Düsseldorf’s strength and we let them catch us out three times in the first 16 minutes. There were things that the coaching team prepared us for that we simply didn’t implement in the opening stages. After that, it was incredibly hard to get back into the game. We tried everything we could and had a couple of chances, but it wasn’t enough. We need to come up with something else to fix this as soon as possible. Our playing style isn’t having the same effect as it did in the first half of the season.

Denis Zakaria: It was a poor performance. You simply cannot play like that. We were too passive and didn’t get into our rhythm at all. Our goal came far too late and was only a consolation in the end. If it had been an equaliser or a winner, that I would be happy about it, but I couldn’t care less when we still lose 3-1. It was a match to forget, one of our worst since I’ve been at Borussia. We need to improve and step up our game next week.

Dieter Hecking: Nothing of what we talked about was on display today. The way we conceded the goals was exactly what we warned the team about beforehand, yet we still walked into a trap. It’s hard to get your head around it. We pretty much set up all three of their goals ourselves. We weren’t tight enough to our man, we weren’t aggressive enough in the tackle and we were incredibly careless in defence. It’s no surprise that our opponents took advantage. We need to digest this defeat – we need to talk about the mistakes so that we can work out exactly how all this happened today. It’s my job, together with my coaching staff, to find the right words and take the right steps. It’s quite clear, however, that there’s no need for us to start panicking, but at the same time, it’s also clear that we cannot play like that against Werder Bremen.

Max Eberl: The team was well set up for today’s game. The players are the ones out there on the pitch and ultimately it’s down to them to stop what we saw today from happening. But I’m not angry with the players – I’m angry with the performance. That’s not the Borussia Mönchengladbach we’ve come to know this season. There are a lot of things that we did wrong tactically and technically, but crucially we were missing the right mentality and a bit of toughness. We shot ourselves in the foot early on with naïve and avoidable mistakes. It will an uphill battle after that. We played tame football and deserved to lose 3-1, but we haven’t thrown anything away yet. We’re still having a good season, but we can’t allow ourselves many more matches like that.

Düsseldorf coach Friedhelm Funkel: It’s a great day for us. The team played incredibly for the opening 20 or 25 minutes and scored three goals. Our counterattacking play was superb and we got our goals just like we have been doing all season. We lost two key players in the second half, not to mention the four we were missing going into the game, but there were no signs of that. Ultimately, we deserved to get the win today.

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