NEWS: 08.05.2019

Beyer: “I’m expecting a hard-fought game”

Beyer: “I’m expecting a hard-fought game”
Jordan Beyer is "pleased to have played again"

Jordan Beyer talks about the team’s great character in last weekend’s game against Hoffenheim, upcoming opponents Nürnberg and his first year as a professional footballer.

Jordan, what has the 2-2 draw against Hoffenheim done for the team’s morale?

Beyer: It was important for us to see that we can always come back in games like that, and we even did it twice. It means that it's still in our own hands whether we play European football next season or not. We want to pick up as many points as possible in our last two remaining matches against Nürnberg and Dortmund to help make that happen.

You were brought on at the start of the second half against Hoffenheim. How does it feel for a young player in a game like that when your team has had a problematic opening 45 minutes?

Beyer: I’d be lying if I said that I was very calm when I got brought on. It was the complete opposite – I was fairly nervous. We were 1-0 down after all. I then said to myself that it can only get better, which made me a bit more relaxed. And as you know, things did get better.

It was your first match of 2019, so your aim back in the winter break of reaching at least 10 appearances for the season is no longer possible…

Beyer: We don’t have to say a lot about my six appearances in the first half of the season – it was simply a dream. I went out in 2019 with similar expectations regarding my playing time as a result, but I just didn’t get to fulfil them for various reasons. On the one hand, the injury that ruled me out of a few weeks of the first half of the season reoccurred, and on the other hand I was stopped dead in my tracks after recovering by a red card while playing for the U23s. Admittedly, it was a period where I wasn't really feeling up to the task and I had doubts whether I would make another appearance for the first team this season.

How would you sum up your season, even if it’s not quite finished just yet?

Beyer: For a start, I’m really pleased that I’ve now been able to play again after the winter break, and I’m slightly hopeful that I’ll still get to make one or two more appearances. But even if that isn't the case, this season has still been a fantastic experience, one which has helped me to develop in every respect.

You’ll be 19 soon, with your whole career ahead of you. Do you still worry that you might miss out if you're sitting on the bench or in the stands?

Beyer: Definitely! Age doesn’t play a part – I’ll always want to play, regardless of whether I’m 18 or 30. It’s important to remember, however, that this season is my first as a professional footballer and I’ve got to acclimatise first. I feel like I'm a real part of the team now though and I’m always an option for the coach. I want to play as much as possible, preferably on Saturday in Nuremberg (laughs).

Nürnberg still have a chance of finishing 16th if they win their two remaining fixtures. What kind of game are you expecting?

Beyer: They’ll give it their all to keep their slim chances of survival alive, although it depends on the Stuttgart result. I’m expecting a hard-fought game with a lot of tackles.

What must Borussia do better compared to the last away game, a 1-0 loss to Stuttgart?

Beyer: We need to improve in every area. We need to be tougher in the tackles and play more courageously going forward. We’ve shown often enough that we can do that. If we go into the game fully focused, we’ll win in Nuremberg.