NEWS: 16.05.2019

Hecking: “Become one with the fans”

Hecking: “Become one with the fans”
Dieter Hecking takes charge of Borussia for the final time on Saturday.

In today’s press conference, Dieter Hecking and Max Eberl spoke about the final game of the season against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday (15:30 CEST).

Dieter Hecking on...

... squad news: Florian Neuhaus is out suspended after picking up five yellow cards. Lars Stindl (shin) and Raffael (calf) are both out injured. Fabian Johnson is a doubt for the game after his calf strain.

... his last game as Borussia boss: Obviously it’ll be emotional, but I won’t be dealing with that in the run up to the game. I won’t play a main role on Saturday. The only important thing is that we try to win the game in order to achieve our main goal. We have to try once more to become one with the fans. We’ve already achieved our goal of getting into the Europa League. Now we have the chance to achieve something extraordinary. That the only thing that matters. What happens with me and my future after that is uninteresting. I’ll only start to concern myself with that after the game.

... the other games: We don’t need to be looking left and right. We have a task to complete: to win our game. We have to focus on that. It’s mostly in our own hands and we can lay the foundations for fourth place with a win against Dortmund. Obviously then we’re still a bit dependent on what Bayer Leverkusen do in Berlin, but that would only distract us from our game. Our focus will be on our game in the long run.

... the upcoming opponents: The way the season’s gone, BVB are still competing for the title on the last day of the season. They have an exceptionally well-stocked squad and a great coach who has managed to rebuild the club a little. Dortmund haven’t found it as easy as at the start of the season in recent weeks. But they have players with a lot of individual quality in their ranks, and they can make it very difficult for opponents.

... his team: Josip’s goal in Nürnberg settled the team down. You can see that the boys are really enjoying their football in training. The ease is back and they’re laughing again, that’s a good way to go into a game. The necessary pressure will come about by itself. If the players can achieve something special, the motivation is already very high.

... the favourites: We’re the underdogs for this game. But this roll can be important and maybe even inspiring. As a team, we can stop their attacking players. I’m sure that Dortmund will do everything they can to go in front right from the start, and put extra pressure on Bayern. We have to try to pair up on their strongest players and also be prepared to foul sometimes. We have to be brave ourselves and use the room we get wisely.

... Thorgan Hazard’s role: Thorgan has been putting in outstanding performances here for years. Now he’s got the chance to take the next step in his career personally and transfer to Dortmund. It wasn’t an issue for me in previous weeks and it won’t be an issue this weekend. Thorgan will start on Saturday and give everything to help us reach our goal.

... Josip Drmic’s chances of playing: Josip has come through the season well after a bad injury last year. His two goals in the last two games were very important for us. Obviously he could also play a part on Saturday. We haven’t decided whether he’ll start. I won’t be showing my hand before the game.

...Jordan Beyer’s development: Jordan could make his ninth Bundesliga appearance of the season on Saturday, and that’s as a youth player in his first year as a professional. That says it all about him. Jordan started a bit shakily in Nürnberg, but he showed that he’s ice cold. He got back into the game with some good play, was stable and did his job. He’s rarely nervous and always gets back on his game, that’s one of his massive qualities. Borussia are very lucky to have a talent like him. I’m quite sure that Jordan will play a lot of games here for Borussia in the upcoming years.

Max Eberl on...

... the significance of the game: We can achieve something great on Saturday. When we got into the Champions League for the first time, it was like a title for us. On Saturday, it’s about whether we can repeat this title win and qualify for the Champions League once again.

... the season so far: We’ve had a good season with a lot of highs but also a difficult phase that we had to fix and we did fix. Overall we’ve had a good season that we can top off on Saturday.

... the other games: We have an extraordinary situation on Saturday: the eyes of the football world will be focussed on Munich and Mönchengladbach. We want to play our role in this and stop BVB from winning the title, because we want to achieve something great for ourselves.

... Dieter Hecking’s work: Dieter Hecking is a very good coach and a great person, who’s done a great job here for two and a half years. We’re very thankful for him: when he arrived, he stabilised the club, helped us and developed us. There were a lot of highs with him and also a few bumps along the way. That’s normal. In the end, we’ve got Europe, and that’s a great situation.

... Josip Drmic’s future: We told Josip clearly what his situation was before the start of the season. He took that exactly how a professional should and has been great. We knew that he has a lot of quality and that’s why we signed him four years ago. But then he had a long difficult spell, fought back, and is now competing again. He shows that again and again in training. That’s why he was always an option for Dieter. Marco Rose is watching the games and also has an opinion. We’ll sit calmly after the season and talk about how we go forward.