NEWS: 24.05.2019

Sightseeing in China – Gladbach explore Shanghai

Sightseeing in China – Gladbach explore Shanghai
The Foals in front of Shanghai's spectacular skyline.

In addition to multiple PR, sponsorship, and marketing appearances, the Foals are also taking the chance to explore China.

While countless PR, sponsorship, and marketing appearances make up the focus of the trip to the Far East, the club is also taking time to get to know its Chinese fans and to bring the club closer to them. In the midst of their packed schedule, the Foals still found the time to sightsee.

On Thursday night, the Foals were able to enjoy a truly spectacular view. After a visit to the German consulate, the team took a bus to the ‘Bund,’ a waterfront walkway along the Huanga River where they were able to gaze upon the brightly-lit skyline of the city. “I’ve been to Tokyo and New York, but the skyline in Shanghai is the most impressive of them all,” said Patrick Herrmann.

On Friday, the team had the chance to take part in a sightseeing tour through Shanghai and visited some of the famous landmarks to be found within the city of 24 million inhabitants. One group, together with sporting director Max Eberl and club vice-president Rainer Bonhof, meandered their way through Shanghai’s Old City district. The other group went up the Shanghai Tower—the tallest structure in China, and the third tallest in the world—to enjoy a one-of-a-kind view of the city and its many skyscrapers.

The team’s schedule had allowed for some free time on Tuesday as well. Moritz Nicolas, Tobias Strobl, Tobias Sippel, Oscar Wendt, Torben Müsel and Josip Drmic visited the Canton Tower in Guangzhon—at 600 meters, it’s the fifth tallest building in the world.