NEWS: 24.05.2019

The foundations to spread the beautiful game

The foundations to spread the beautiful game
Alassane Plea, Torben Müsel, Keanan Bennetts and Andreas Poulsen visited a one-day training camp organised by the FohlenFußballschule.

On a one-day camp in China, 40 children got the chance to experience the work of the FohlenFussballschule on Friday. Four Borussia players also visited the camp.

Borussia want to promote football in China on a long-term scale. In Siquan, a city in Jiangsu province where five million people reside, the Foals already started a football development programme with the city’s sports department and the local Siquan football association last year. Two club ambassadors, Johannes Held and Volker Piekarski, are on site the whole year round to educate coaches and teachers, train the young players and be available for all questions as points of contact.

Supporting children and kids should of course also be expanded to other cities. During the China tour, the FohlenFussballschule will be holding other one-day camps. Alassane Plea, Torben Müsel, Keanan Bennetts and Andreas Poulsen all visited a school camp today, where 40 boys and girls aged 8-10 trained for an hour. The kids, all children of Chinese migrant workers, trained under the eye of Norman Wittekopf, coordinator of the international football school. The four Foals had a lot of fun and took part in the training exercises once again. “You could see that the kids had a lot of fun training. Of course, we gladly joined in,” said Bennetts.

Since football in China still isn’t a national sport, a lot of young players lack the necessary foundations. The coaches of the FohlenFussballschule want to give these to plenty of enthusiastic kids as a first step. “We’re certainly still at the very start. A lot more is still to be done. But we’ll do our best to have long-term success here in China,” said Wittekopf.