NEWS: 25.05.2019

Borussia establishes partnership with Tongji University

Borussia establishes partnership with Tongji University
Vice-President Rainer Bonhof with those involved in the partnership at the founding ceremony at the Tongji Universität in Shanghai.

To support the national policy of building football campuses in China, Borussia have today founded a Sino-German Union for Youth and School Football with Tongji University.

Since 2015, the development of football has been encouraged by the Chinese government, seen as playing an important strategic role. One of the cornerstones of this plan is the development of football campuses. They should increase the popularity of the sport and in the long term contribute to the competitiveness of the China national team at international level. From today, Borussia will help support China. Contracts for the Sino-German Union for Youth and School Football were signed by all those involved today at a founding ceremony at Tongji University in Shanghai. “We’ve got the know-how to discover young players and to improve them, and we’re looking forward to being able to now share this knowledge in China,” said Vice-President Rainer Bonhof, part of a Borussia delegation alongside representatives from the Chinese government, the China Football Association and Chinese football clubs, as well as footballing experts.

The aim of the Union is to promote football at an elementary level. Schools across the whole of China can join. “We’ve set a real milestone,” said Li Yuyi, Vice-President of the China Football Association. In the same vein, Dr. Christine Althauser, German consul general in Shanghai said: “The Union will help to bring Chinese football to the right level. Therefore, sustainable approaches, like the one started by Gladbach in Suqian, are in demand.”

Further German partners are to be integrated into the Union in future to give a platform to communication in football. The renowned Tongji Elite-University, which accommodates the Centre for Sino-German Social and Cultural Exchange, functions as an intermediary and central institution. Borussia will function primarily as a technological partner for the implementation of football development projects in various locations. “It makes us proud to be a part of this partnership,” said Bonhof. “I’m certain that China will take the next step in becoming a footballing nation.”