NEWS: 14.07.2019

Neuhaus: "I'm fired up for football again"

Neuhaus: "I'm fired up for football again"
Florian Neuhaus talking to the media

After the first training session of this year’s pre-season camp in Tegernsee on Sunday afternoon, Florian Neuhaus spoke to the press at the Postbank press club about...

...his holiday, which he himself came back early from: For me, it was logical to return to pre-season at the training camp. The training camp is a part of preparation for the new season, so I really wanted to be with the team, to stand on the pitch and be involved with everything that happens off of it. I think these are all really important for a team, and in the training camp the team spirit increases and we grow as a team. That was the main reason why I wanted to be a part of the training camp.

...his excitement for pre-season: I’m fired up for football again.I watched the stream of Gladbach’s friendly against 1. FC Mönchengladbach while on holiday.I’m looking forward to getting going again. I’ve barely thought about whether my break has been too short or not. If I’d had three weeks of holiday, not a lot would have changed at the end of it. I’m pleased to be here and from today, I’m back at it.

...a possible new system: I’m absolutely looking forward to the new challenge with our new coach. I see a myriad of chances in the new system that we’ll probably play in. I still haven’t spoken about where I will play in midfield with the boss, but it’s clear that I feel most comfortable in the middle, and everything else will become clearer over the course of pre-season.

...the new playstyle: We’ll have a lot of players in the centre and a short route to goal. Our game will also change a bit – we’ll take a more proactive approach to pressing up the pitch, win more loose balls and then try to finish our chances as early as possible. It’ll be the first time that I’ve been a part of such a system of play. I’m looking forward to the challenge because I see a lot of chances, including developing on my own game.

…responsibility: I played a lot of games last season and we managed to qualify for the Europa League. That’s the next step, on and off the pitch, to take more responsibility.

…the U21 Euro championship: The opportunity to play in a tournament like the U21 Euros is something really special. Playing a match every three days really helped me develop. Playing international matches against other top countries brings a lot to you. I personally made a step forwards through the tournament. The competition had a lot of highs for me and for the team – and then obviously lows in the final because we lost as a team and I didn’t get to start the match. That was a bitter pill to swallow, but it helps you for your career and future.