NEWS: 10.08.2019

“We went about it in the right way”

“We went about it in the right way”
Stefan Lainer battling with Sandhausen's Erik Zenga.

We spoke with Borussia right-back Stefan Lainer after the victory against Sandhausen in the first round of the DFB-Pokal.

Stefan, you’re into the second round of the DFB-Pokal following a 1-0 win against Sandhausen. Was it as difficult a game as you expected?

Lainer: Definitely. It was a difficult cup game, and our opponents didn’t give us anything for free. It definitely wasn’t the nicest game in terms of the play, we can still work on that. It was tough and exciting until the end. We’re glad that we’ve gone through into the next round.

The game was delayed due to heavy rain and it eventually went ahead after a big delay. How did you deal with the situation?

Lainer: The conditions definitely didn’t make it any easier for us. We were on the pitch for three hours and we warmed up four times. Even though the weather conditions didn’t allow us to play the game that we wanted to, we went about it the right way on the pitch.

The game in Sandhausen was the first game of the season for Gladbach. Were you pleased with your performance?

Lainer: It wasn’t easy, but I think we were solid in defence and didn’t give much away. We were strong, but we didn’t get to play the football that we wanted to. That wasn’t just down to the weather, our opponents also put us under pressure early on. We also made a few technical mistakes through that. But games like that in the first round of the cup are mostly a question of mentality. And we clearly showed that we have that.