NEWS: 11.09.2019

Herrmann: "The anticipation is even greater than usual"

Herrmann: "The anticipation is even greater than usual"
Patrick Herrmann

In an interview, Patrick Herrmann speaks about the upcoming derby against 1. FC Köln, his excitement ahead of the Europa League and his special loyalty to the club.

In an interview, Patrick Herrmann speaks about the upcoming derby against 1. FC Köln, his excitement ahead of the Europa League and his special loyalty to the club.

Patrick, the Rhein Derby against 1. FC Köln is very soon, and if you play it would be your tenth appearance in the derby. Surely the derby is just business as usual for you at this point?

Patrick Herrmann: No way! For me, the derby is still a big occasion and will always be! Of course, after a season without a Rhein Derby, the excitement for it is even greater than usual.

What is your personal record in this derby?

Herrmann:Of the previous nine derbies I’ve been in, we have won six. Two ended as a draw, and we only lost one. Of course that loss was in our most recent encounter, but I still believe that the overall record is still very impressive.

Which special memories do you have of this game?

Herrmann:My first game in the first team was a derby against Köln. That must have been in 2010, and that game ended 1-1. I have incredible memories of another game at Köln as well. Michael Frontzeck was the trainer back then and we won the match 4-0 away under the floodlights in a real rainstorm. I still remember how we celebrated by sliding on the grass in front of our fans.

It’s a busy week for Borussia, not only because of the derby, but also with the start of the Europa League.

Herrmann:Being allowed to play at this level again after two years without European football is just great. I still get goosebumps when I remember moments like when more than 10,000 fans came with us to Rome for the game against Lazio. Even though we came away with nothing from that particular journey, it is an experience that I’ll never forget.

Your own story is very emotional to hear for many Borussia fans, especially since last season it looked like your time with the club had come to an end. How hard was that time for you?

Herrmann: The thought alone of having to leave was hard for me to bear. It was never my intention to leave. The fact that I got another three-year contract with Gladbach made me very happy.

By 2022 you will have been with Mönchengladbach for 14 years. So it’s looking more and more likely that you’ll never play for a team that isn’t Borussia for the rest of your career.

Herrmann: That wouldn’t be an issue for me at all. (laughs) Obviously I can’t make predictions three years in advance. Maybe my body won’t be strong enough to keep up with the game and I’ll retire from playing. Maybe I’ll extend my contract again, or maybe I’ll try something else. But at this moment, I see my future in Gladbach, even beyond my professional career. My wife is from here, we have a child on the way, and it is clear to us that we want to stay as a family in Mönchengladbach.

Do you believe that a loyal player like you is something of a rare breed nowadays?

Herrmann: I do think such loyalty is a rarity in professional football. I don’t disapprove when a player changes clubs every two, three or four years to get a new perspective or try something different. Everyone has to decide that for themselves. But that was never my aim. From the first minute I spent at Borussia, I have never had a feeling that I would want to move somewhere else someday.