NEWS: 06.10.2019

"An amazing day for the whole team“ - Augsburg match reaction

"An amazing day for the whole team“ - Augsburg match reaction
Interview with Patrick Herrmann

We gathered the reaction from the players and the coaches after Borussia's 5-1 win against FC Augsburg on Sunday afternoon.

Patrick Herrmann: It is an amazing day, not only for me, but for the whole team. We played so well and deserved to win. We put our game plan into practice well, especially in the first half. Before the third goal, Alassane did really well to take on his man on the left and play the ball in. I was standing in the box and after the cross came in I tried to get it in at the near post because that often works. The three of us found a lot of success up front with our runs. As a result, we were often free in the middle of the box and could help to set up the goals.

Christoph Kramer: It was a very good game. We had the game under control at all times. After Europa League games, it’s important to get into the domestic games well. It took a very long time against Düsseldorf last time out. It is usually the case that if you do not have a lot of strength at the back, then you tend not to do very well in the game. We did a really good job today and won the match in the first half hour. I’ve never led the table before with Gladbach, so it was a nice bonus, even though naturally it has no significance at the moment.

Breel Embolo: Being at the top of the table is pretty nice. On Thursday we didn’t play very well in the Europa League match in Istanbul. That’s why we wanted to make it better today at home in the Bundesliga. We started the game very well; the guys played a very good first half, which made it much easier for the players who come on in the second half. We wanted to play convincingly and of course, win at home, and we succeeded on both counts.

Sporting Director Max Eberl: Today was a very good day. We showed our desire to win this game from the beginning. The team has done well with getting the early goals, showing aggression, winning the ball back and creativity in possession, and with fast attacking moves. We pressed the other team high and put pressure on them, forcing mistakes and winning possession back. This is something that has been absent for the last couple of weeks, we weren’t so good with decision-making and winning the ball back. Today we did that well, especially in the first half. We really rewarded ourselves with three goals from our first three chances. The international break comes at a good time for our injured players.

Head Coach Marco Rose: In principle, coaches always have something to complain about – but today I do not want to and do not have to complain. Today we have done a lot right. On the pitch we made a lot of good decisions in and out of possession. We played a very strong Gegenpressing game, worked hard and were especially effective in the first half. Overall, my boys played really well. That’s why we are happy about the win. The fact that we also ended up taking top spot in the league is a nice bonus. In the past few weeks, we’ve noticed that the league table isn’t constant, but very prone to change, which is why it’s hard to classify the feeling of being top at the moment.

Head Coach Martin Schmidt (FC Augsburg): You could be forgiven for assuming that we weren’t even there in the first 15 minutes until after the third goal went in. The first two or three goals were all in the same pattern. We let too much pressure get to us and there were positional errors as a result. Our switching plays didn’t work and we didn’t do well in our tackles. This is why we need to analyse, because we weren’t expecting a result like this. As a coach and as a player you don’t experience games like this very often. We improved in the second half. We didn’t win it, but we didn’t lose the half either, which was important for the team.