NEWS: 07.10.2019

Jantschke: “We showed the right character from the start”

Jantschke: “We showed the right character from the start”
Tony Jantschke

Tony Jantschke spoke about the key factors in their 5-1 victory over FC Augsburg, the team’s development and being top of the Bundesliga.

Tony, that was your second Bundesliga home win in a row, after going such a long time without doing so. How does that feel?

Jantschke: We haven’t given our fans much to cheer about at home for a long time. So yesterday was a great day, both for us as a team and for the fans. It’s a brilliant result and we’re delighted about it.

What do you think were the main reasons for your success in this game?

Jantschke: Mostly we have been running a lot more. A lot more sprints, a lot more pressing and especially more runs in behind the defence. We did that really well against Augsburg. Our wingers put them under a lot of pressure and our #8 and #6 pressed really high up the pitch. That caused Augsburg a lot of problems. Of course this strategy can always be risky because it left our defence vulnerable to one-on-one situations. But we showed the right character from the start of the game and luckily it went in our favour.

Augsburg came into the game a bit more in the second half...

Jantschke: We were quite sloppy towards the end of the game; we gave away two or three cheap counter-attacks. We actually had complete control of the game but had a few stupid moments. Running back to stop the counters really took it out of us because Augsburg have some quick players up front; we noticed that in the first half. However, ultimately it was a great game all round – especially after the Europa League game on Thursday.

In your opinion, was the game another step forward in your development?

Jantschke: We’re happy with the three points, but we know there’s still a lot of hard work ahead of us – especially in terms of decision making. In the first half we saw just how well we can play when we work together as a team. We want to continue this. But we’re not quite at the end of our development yet; Augburg’s counter attacks in the second half proved this. Our game isn’t perfect yet, but we are working hard. Of course it’s difficult when you have midweek games, but we are taking it step by step.

Top of the league after seven games, how does it feel to look at the table and see that you’re top?

Jantschke: For me, it doesn’t mean much to be at the top of the table. Nothing has ever been decided after seven games. It’s a long season and a lot can happen along the way. Everyone likes to look at the table but for me it’s not that important. It was a fantastic win against Augsburg and of course we enjoyed it, but we know that we still have lots to do.