NEWS: 27.10.2019

"We were clearly better" - Frankfurt Match Reaction

"We were clearly better" - Frankfurt Match Reaction
Oscar Wendt in an interview.

After the 4-2 home win against Eintracht Frankfurt we got the reactions from both sides.

Oscar Wendt: Over 90 minutes we were clearly the better team. We had an amazing first half and made a great start to the second. We conceded in an unfortunate moment. We knew it would be a tight match but managed to win by two goals. Of course it’s all the better that I managed to score too. The fact that we’re first in the table after 9 matchdays is a testament to our hard work.

Nico Elvedi: We’re playing good football at the moment, and that was shown today. In the first half we were very alert and didn’t let any of their chances pay off. In the second half Frankfurt piled on the pressure after they made it 2-1. Fortunately we were able to bounce back , and we’re dangerous on the offensive at the moment. For my goal Laci hit a great cross. I headed the ball well towards the far post. There is something special about being top of the table, but it doesn’t mean much because it’s very early in the season.

Stefan Lainer: We’re becoming much more stable in our game, and we’re finding it much easier to go the distance. You can tell that each of us are putting in much more energy into the game. It got a lot closer in the second half, but we were able to make enough clearances to give ourselves some breathing room. This only works if the team believes and works together for 90 minutes. That’s why we’re where we are in the table. We play with a high intensity and we’re playing three times a week at the moment . That is not easy. But we also have good squad depth and can throw in some of the youngsters every now and then. That’s why I’m not worried about that. We need to play better against Dortmund in the cup than we did in the league, but there were a lot of positives despite the 1-0 loss.

Head coach Marco Rose: It’s still early on in the season, but of course we’re happy to be at the top of the table. However, we’re even more satisfied with our performance and the win against Frankfurt. We can still improve in several areas, but it was a strong first half from us. We didn’t allow many chances against us and scored some nice goals. We were under pressure during the second half, but reacted well. During that phase we were able to use our counter-attacks and kept pushing for another goal instead of sitting back. That was extremely important and speaks to the kind of team we are. As a result, it was a deserved win for us, in my opinion.

Sporting director Max Eberl: We dominated during the first half and did extremely well to score two goals and to not allow Frankfurt any chances. That was a strong performance from us. Frankfurt fought back during the second half, which made it an exciting match. I respect the way in which Frankfurt tried to mount a comeback. However, I’m even more impressed by the way in which our team reacted after conceding the goal to make it 2-1, and how they responded when it was 3-2. That’s not easy. To add a fourth goal really speaks to the morale within the team.

Eintracht Frankfurt head coach Adi Hütter: The match can easily be summed up from my perspective. We weren’t able to play with confidence during the first half. Gladbach were the more aggressive side, and were quick to switch over and attack. We were unable to find ways to cut off their options and lacked confidence and follow-through up front. We were able to fix those things during the second half. I’m very pleased with our performance during the second half. We had the feeling that we would be able to score an equaliser, but instead conceded more goals, which is too bad.