NEWS: 28.10.2019

Zakaria: “Feelings like these are why we play football”

Zakaria: “Feelings like these are why we play football”
Denis Zakaria celebrates his goal making it 4-2 against Frankfurt with his provider Lars Stindl.

In an interview, Denis Zakaria spoke about his goal to make it 4-2 against Eintracht Frankfurt, being top of the league, and the upcoming DFB-Pokal game against Borussia Dortmund.

Denis, what are your thoughts on the 4-2 home win against Eintracht Frankfurt?

Denis Zakaria: Feelings like these are why we play football. We played well, but there were some periods where it was difficult. But we wanted to see out our good start to the game and managed to do that. Our style of playing is very tiring, especially against such a good team. Everyone knows it’s not easy to win against Frankfurt, so we’re all the happier knowing that we got the three points.

Why do you think it was closer in the second half?

Zakaria: Even if you have a 2 goal lead, the game isn’t over. If the other team scores, then anything is possible again. Frankfurt is a good team, who are always able to score a lot of goals. In the second half, we also made mistakes and were punished for them when we conceded twice. But we had faith in the game and score two more goals. That was the end of that.

How did you view the build-up to your goal?

Zakaria: If Lars Stindl creates such a nice chance for you, you have to score it. I have to thank my captain, as it was a great assist from him. For me, it was great to get that goal. I think it was also very important for the team. It was the decisive goal and with it we knew we were going to see out the win.

What is the significance of you being top of the table again?

Zakaria: To be honest, I don’t give a lot of thought to our position at the top of the league. It just shows that we work hard. Nevertheless, it feels good, and we work every day to defend our position at the top. But we’re just taking it one game at a time and trying to win each one. We’ll see how we do at the end. The Bundesliga is incredibly strong, and Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are the clear favourites to vie for the title. But we have a good team, as we have proven time and time again, and we want to show that over the whole season.

You have not missed a minute of competitive football this season. How do you feel being a constant presence in the team?

Zakaria: I am very happy that I have been able to play so many minutes in the season so far. I want to keep working hard to help the team in the best possible way.

On Wednesday Gladbach are back in action in the DFB-Pokal against Dortmund. What are you expecting from that match?

Zakaria: We are currently in a good mood. In the DFB-Pokal, of course, we want to get through to the next round, so we will give our all in this game. In the end, we’ll have to see if it’s enough. It will be incredibly difficult for us.