NEWS: 27.11.2019

Stindl: “The result of the reverse fixture motivates us”

Stindl: “The result of the reverse fixture motivates us”
Lars Stindl and Marco Rose in the press conference ahead of the Europa League game at Wolfsberger AC.

Head coach Marco Rose and captain Lars Stindl spoke to the press ahead of Thursday night’s UEFA Europa League away game at Wolfsberger AC (18:55 CET).

Marco Rose on...

...Matthias Ginter and Nico Elvedi’s injuries: We’ll manage. It’s always difficult when players get injured – no matter who they are. But we have a good squad and a good idea of how we can deal with the absences. We don’t think it will hurt us because we have faith in the guys who will play tomorrow and we’re feeling positive going into the game.

...being favourites: The reverse fixture showed what good being called favourites does. The label means nothing to me. Tomorrow is about securing a good position in the group. That’ s what we’ve been working hard for since day one we will continue to work hard in a tough game tomorrow. We know what know what to expect. We have to defend against it and let our quality shine through.

...the reverse fixture: Of course, we want to put in a better performance than we did last time out but I don’ see tomorrow as a chance for revenge. What’s important for us is that we show we’ve learnt from what happened in the reverse fixture, play well and get a positive result. We knew we needed a response after that match. That’s why we got straight into analysing the defeat the very next day. Tomorrow also gives us a chance to right the wrongs of last weekend’s match in Berlin and to come back home feeling good.

...WAC’s change of manager: It hasn’t affected our preparations at all. Wolfsberger have been making a lot of good decisions over the past couple of years. They’ve been playing according to their principles for a long time so the team is extremely stable. In Mohamed Sahli they now have another great guy and a real expert on the sideline.

Lars Stindl on...

...the game against Wolfsberger AC: We know what to expect because we have the experience of the first game behind us. Of course, we had expected that one to go differently. But we’ve fought our way back into contention in the group over the last three games. We have worked hard to be where we are in the table. We want to take the next step in the right direction with tomorrow’s game.

...the t-shirts printed by WAC with the slogan “Defeaters of the Bundesliga leaders”: We’re obviously aware of the t-shirts and the slogan. But our motivation is the result of the reverse fixture. We didn’t play well in that game. We’re concentrating on what we can control – and that’s the game tomorrow. We are more than motivated enough to show a different side of ourselves tomorrow than in the home game. We want to show what we’re capable of.

...the large number of Gladbach fans expected at the game: We know that we have great fans that follow us to away games in large numbers. It’s a great asset for us and, as a player, is gives you an extra boost, as you saw in the Roma game. We want to use the atmosphere to our advantage tomorrow and hopefully play a good game.