NEWS: 04.12.2019

Plea: "We need to give 100% as a team“

Plea: "We need to give 100% as a team“
Alassane Plea is looking forward to the big game against Bayern Munich.

In an interview, Alassane Plea spoke about the game against Bayern Munich, the special position in the league, and the anticipation ahead of the upcoming game.

Alassane, after 13 matchdays your side are still top of the Bundesliga. What conclusions can you draw from this?

Plea: The fact that we are still league leaders shows that we work hard and have had a very good season so far. We have a good team and have played some very good game. I think that we’re on good form at the moment.

On Saturday Bayern Munich will come to BORUSSIA-PARK. What do you expect from this game?

Plea: It will be a very difficult challenge, but I believe that we are a very good team and can achieve anything on a good day. However, everything has to work together for it to happen. It will depend on the performance of the team. Everyone needs to give 100%. We will have to play well in both defence and attack if we are to finish on top.

What makes games against Bayern so special?

Plea:Bayern Munich is a big club which has had a lot of success. The club almost always wins the league title in recent years and regularly plays in the Champions League. They have top players and are probably the strongest team in the Bundesliga. That’s why it’s a special game that you really want to win.

For you it will be the second home game in a row. Do you see it as an advantage to play again in front of a home crowd?

Plea:Of course it is an advantage for us. It’s good to play for a second consecutive time at home with our fans behind us, and it will be easier for us to put in a good performance on the pitch and get something from the game.

Before the winter break there are five important games for you to play in both the Bundesliga and the UEFA Europa League. Are you looking forward to these games or more to the break afterwards?

Plea:We look forward to every match and always feel like playing. We want to do everything we can to get maximum points from the last five games. Afterwards it will make celebrating Christmas with the family even better when we can look back on a strong first half of the season.