NEWS: 08.01.2020

Hofmann: “We can play in lots of different systems”

Hofmann: “We can play in lots of different systems”
Jonas Hofmann in today’s interview.

Jonas Hofmann fielded some questions from the press in Jerez today and discussed yesterday’s friendly, his team’s system and the upcoming second half of the season. The midfielder on...

...the 3-1 loss in the friendly against Heracles Almelo: We want to win every game we play, so yesterday’s result was frustrating for us. We had already trained a lot before the game but so had the opposition, so that’s no excuse. However, we can put it behind us now and we now want to make sure we win our other two friendlies against Freiburg on Friday and end the week on a positive note.

...where the team can improve: As far as our mentality goes, we have already come on leaps and bounds in the last half year. There are still a few small things for us to work on tactically speaking. Yesterday’s game showed that we let our opponents play unpressured passes too often. We need to learn to put the player in possession under more pressure so that they can’t bring danger into our half.

...different ways of playing: We’re now not as predictable as we were for parts of last season. We can play in a lot of different systems, which is a big plus for us. We have a lot of different types of players, so we can be flexible and set up in any number of ways. This allows us to surprise the opposition and give them a new challenge. Even during a game, we’re better at reacting to changes made by the other team.

...the high level of participation in training: There’s a lot of depth in our squad and our injury list isn’t at all long at the moment, which means that not everyone can be involved when we play 11 against 11. It’s a shame for those that can’t join in but we are happy that everyone is currently fit. The quality in training is very high because of it. Everyone is pushing for a place in the starting XI. For the coach, it’s a great situation to be in, and as a player it’s something to think about. But if you give it your all in every session, then the coaching staff will notice it and then you’ll have a good chance of making it into the line-up.

...the second half of the season: Our goal before every game is to defend our position in the table. I don’t see any reason for that to change in the second half of the season. We’re a very positive team and we never let our heads drop. The fact we have the highest number of points after going behind speaks volumes about our mentality as a team. We want to be successful and win every game. If we carry on playing like we have been then we will get to play internationally again next season.

...his personal ambitions for the rest of the season: A lot of people still think of me as an attacking player but I have played most of my games at Borussia as a defensive midfielder. Of course, it’s never a bad thing to be involved in goals, but that’s not my main job in this position. My personal aim is to get through the next half of the season without any injuries, to fight for a regular place in the team and to be successful with the team.