NEWS: 14.03.2020

The Foals continue to train

The Foals continue to train

Despite the Bundesliga season being put on hold due to fears surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus, Marco Rose’s side will continue with training for the time being.

After the DFL announced the postponement of the entirety of matchday 26 in the Bundesliga, Borussia’s coaching staff used Friday afternoon to define how the team will proceed. A discussion was held with the players this morning, followed by an hour-and-a-half spent on the training ground. There is no training session scheduled for either Sunday or Monday, before the team get back out for four sessions, running from Tuesday to Thursday. There will be another three-day rest following this. All training sessions will be closed to the public until further notice due to the Coronavirus, and players won’t be available for autographs, photos or interviews. “We’d like to thank both the fans and the media for their understanding of this measure, which we must enforce in order to protect the health of our players,” said Borussia’s sporting director Max Eberl.

Based on the DFL’s current position regarding the situation, our next Bundesliga match is expected to take place on 3rd April against Werder Bremen. “We’re currently planning for this date,” says Eberl. “The game in Bremen is three weeks away so it doesn’t make sense to send the players away on a lengthy holiday. We have to keep the squad fit and healthy and we want to be well-prepared for when we are able to play again.” Precautionary testing for COVID-19 has not been carried out on the players. “According to our medical experts, there’s no need for it. At the moment all of our players and coaches seem fine; there’s no sign of infection at all. Of course we’re observing very closely whether any players or staff show any symptoms and if a test is necessary. We’ve also given everyone lots of information and guidelines on how to take the necessary precautions in order to avoid catching the virus.”

Max Eberl welcomed the DFL’s decision to completely abandon matchday 26, originally scheduled for this weekend. “I think this was definitely the right decision. We are aware that there are a few players in the Bundesliga and Bundeliga 2 who have the virus, which would have led to the cancellation of individual games. Therefore, from a competitive point of view, it makes more sense to postpone the entire matchday. It’s a difficult situation, both for us and for the rest of the league, which will have huge consequences. The DFL is working on a number of possible scenarios for the continuation of the season. We will all discuss this in Frankfurt on Monday and come to a decision. It’s very important that we make good decisions for the future of football.”