NEWS: 05.05.2020

Fan cut-outs filling the BORUSSIA-PARK stands

Fan cut-outs filling the BORUSSIA-PARK stands
More than 4,500 cut-outs are already in place at BORUSSIA-PARK

As part of the “Stay at home. Be in the stands” campaign, Gladbach fans have the chance to get a cardboard version of themselves in the stands at BORUSSIA-PARK. Demand continues to skyrocket, with over 12,000 cut-outs ordered so far.

Around 4,500 cut-outs have already been put in place at BORUSSIA-PARK, with the Foals’ players and coaches also taking up spots in the terraces among the many fans. Over 12,000 orders have now been placed, meaning the stands certainly won’t be empty should the Bundesliga resume behind closed doors in the near future. “When you first come into the stadium, for three or four seconds you don’t realise that it’s not real people. Sadly, we can’t get the same noise from the crowd, but it’s still a nice feeling to have the fans there,” said Borussia forward Marcus Thuram.

It’s not just the Gladbach fan scene and German media that have picked up on the story though, with the cut-outs being reported on internationally too. Both Time Magazine and The Kansas City Star have written feature-length articles about the campaign. “The media response has absolutely huge,” said Ingo Müller, who helped think up the idea and who has also been on BBC Radio and on Japanese television via Skype to talk about the Foals’ new cardboard supporters. The order website has now also launched in English, giving international fans a chance to put themselves on a cut-out.

Order your cut-out at

If you want to have the ‘cardboard you’ installed in the stands, simply upload your photo to and put in your information for the cut-out to be produced. The photo is passed on to Fanprojekt Mönchengladbach (FPMG), who in turn send you an email with the information you need to transfer the money to their account. Once your payment is confirmed, FPMG take care of everything else.

The price for one cut-out is €19.00. €2.50 will go to the FPMG and a further €2.00 will go both to their campaign “Borussen helfen Borussen” (Foals help Foals) and to the Borussia Foundation. The rest of the price goes towards production and labour costs. The campaign is thereby also offering support for two small local firms in Mönchengladbach, whose shops are currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The project is a non-profit initiative. Season ticket holders can also specify their block when ordering so that they can receive their usual spot in the stands. All others will be distributed predominantly in the Nordkurve. Only Block 16, directly behind the goal, will be set up by the Ultras themselves.