NEWS: 29.06.2020

“We’re looking forward to a long-term partnership”

“We’re looking forward to a long-term partnership”
Guido Uhle (Director of sponsoring at Borussia), Stephan Schippers (Chief executive at Borussia), Frank Niehage (CEO flatex) and Muhamad Chahrour (CFO flatex) with the Foals' new home shirt.

Borussia announced their new main sponsor as flatex on Monday in a press conference. Chief executive Stephan Schippers and his flatex counterpart spoke about the new partnership.

Chief executive Stephan Schippers on…

…the talks with flatex: We crossed paths with flatex not too long ago. A contact of vice-president Siegried Söllner put us in touch with flatex’s supervisory board. I had a good feeling about flatex. Mr. Niehage is a great contact, who is in charge of sponsoring himself. Flatex is a solid company with a clear vision. We’re pleased to have signed a three-year partnership, with the option to extend for a further year.

...looking for a new main sponsor: Obviously the break in mid-March and games behind closed doors led to uncertainties regarding potential sponsors for clubs. We had a concept and we knew what we wanted. We were a lot more confident once the games behind closed doors began. We also have a team that have established themselves in the top third of the table in the past few years – sponsors are also aware of that.

…the financial status quo: These are interesting times and we can be very proud of qualifying for the Champions League. Nevertheless, the coronavirus crisis has deeply affected us. It hasn’t threatened our existence, but it has had a significant impact. We need to come to terms with the financial constraints the crisis has brought with it. We need to try and save money, especially as we’ll receive €13 million less from TV money next season. As a result, we’re pleased to have a partner in flatex, who are solvent and committed to working with Borussia. We knew that we could plan with the money we would get from a main sponsor, but we didn’t know if we would get the money from the Champions League or not.

…the previous partnership with Postbank: I would like to thank Postbank for the eleven-year partnership. That’s a long time, especially in football. They were a good partner for us, especially at the beginning when things weren’t great for us on the pitch. We were told last autumn that they wouldn’t be continuing with Borussia due to internal reasons.

flatex chief executive Frank Hiehage on…

…the partnership with Borussia: As a company, we love football. Our customers do too. It’s something that brings us all together. Football also interests us from a business perspective. We are one of the three biggest moneylenders in football and we have been involved in transfers and other activities in football for many years now. We are now proud to be Borussia’s new sponsor. We believe we share similar values to Gladbach. They are a well-run club, who are ambitious and are having a lot of success on the pitch. Borussia are well financed and have a good future internationally. We’re looking forward to a successful and long-term partnership.

…the talks with Borussia: We got in touch with Borussia directly, not via an agency. This brought us together very quickly. Like us, Borussia work with a lot of foresight. They have built a hotel and medical centre. They haven’t just invested in players, but also in the infrastructure that will enable them to be competitive in the long run. That’s how our company works as well.

…flatex’s goals: We have been working in more countries than just Germany and Austria for a long time now. We recruited a new company last year in DEGIRO. With them, we work in 18 countries across Europe and we have over a million customers. We now want to continue growing internationally. We want two million customers. Together with DEGIRO, we are the market leaders in online brokerage.

…the Foals qualifying for the Champions League: We had already agreed the partnership before Borussia qualified for the Champions League. Nevertheless, I still had confidence in the team. Along with DEGIRO, we are market leaders in Europe, so it’s a good fit. I backed the club and I wasn’t disappointed. It already has the makings of a great long-term partnership.

…the impact of the pandemic on flatex: 95% of our staff are working from home, which is going well. Our business model means that customers deal in a lot of shares when things are going up and down. The coronavirus crisis has led to that. As a result, we have had the best results in our company’s history. We are already at the level we were last year. We are one of the companies to profit from the coronavirus crisis.