NEWS: 17.07.2020

Rose: "We've achieved something great"

Rose: "We've achieved something great"
Head coach Marco Rose

The 64th issue of the FohlenEcho member magazine was published in the last few days. In it, Borussia head coach reflects in an interview on his first year in the job.

Marco, a photo of you from the last matchday shows you a little lost in thought in your coaching area. The photo is a little reminiscent of a similar one of Franz Beckenbauer, who walked onto the pitch alone after winning the 1990 World Cup Final…

Rose: At this point, the team were already on their way to the dressing room, but I still had the mandatory post-match interviews to do. So I said to myself, “Okay, you’ve got a beer in your hand now, so you should just enjoy the moment.” It wasn’t like I was reliving the whole season, but I was just feeling how long the season had gone on for with the coronavirus break and how the tension had gradually eased off. Last but not least, I was thinking about our fans, and how much more joyful it would have been if we were allowed to all celebrate together.

You have completely achieved what Borussia expected of you. But if we look at it the other way around, what were your expectations, besides only sporting matters, and have they been fulfilled?

Rose: This club has existed for 120 years, and has a long history of tradition. Anyone who wants to come here must take their time making this decision and also be prepared to adapt. I spoke to Borussia extensively before I joined, and was really happy to join a club that boasts such great charisma but is also so down-to-earth. When I speak of the charisma, I mean the glorious period in the 1970’s for one, but also the recent history, the last decade, in which the team achieved great things in terms of both sport and infrastructure.

When a coach comes to a new club, he often brings a new style of play to the side. Did you think about how the long-time Borussia players like Mathias Ginter, Christoph Kramer, Lars Stindl and Yann Sommer would adapt to your ideas?

Rose: To be honest, I was curious to see how the boys would accept it. However, I called Dieter Hecking in advance, and he assured me that the team was very adaptable and had an excellent character. Then I quickly understood that the boys were all ready and waiting to accept new ideas. Nevertheless, you must always be aware that you’ll be measured by the results you get on the pitch at the end of the day.

Fourth place secures you entry into the Champions League – Max Eberl said that “it’s like a championship for Borussia.” You’ve set the bar very high for yourself in the future. Are you able to enjoy this success at the moment, or do you already feel tension to live up to expectations?

Rose: I think we all know that we’ve achieved something great, even though for me a championship without a trophy isn’t a championship (he laughs). Seriously, of course I know what Max meant, and he has ranked this success completely correctly. I’m not scared that we will be judged on this in the future. On the contrary, I find it exciting. It won’t be a case of resting on our laurels, but of developing further, overcoming resistance, and also dealing with setbacks, which we did so well this time.