NEWS: 02.08.2020

Players undergo various fitness and performance tests

Players undergo various fitness and performance tests
New signing Hannes Wolf and the rest of the Foals underwent a variety of fitness and medical tests on Sunday.

The Foals underwent various fitness and performance tests on Sunday, 2nd August. The obligatory preseason fitness tests will conclude tomorrow with jumping tests.

The Foals are back at BORUSSIA-PARK, with the team undergoing various medical tests under the supervision of the medical staff. This included a running analysis, a Functional Movement Screen (FMS test) to test the players’ range of motion, MRIs, foot and skin checks, vision and dental exams and neurological scans. Players also completed a full check-up with Borussia team doctor Dr. Heribert Ditzel, in addition to a stress test, an echocardiogram and blood tests.

“These tests and check-ups allow us to obtain a complete picture of the condition the players are in following their return from the summer break. The coaching staff are able to then determine how fit the players are and adjust their load accordingly,” said team doctor Dr. Ralf Doyscher. “The medical team can also determine early on whether there are any pre-existing problems or if there are any that could crop up. This helps us to treat these issues or to prevent them from arising.”

Tomorrow (3rd August), the team will complete the second part of the fitness and performance tests by taking part in jumping tests. Following the tests administered on Saturday, all players, coaches and support staff will then undergo a second round of Covid-19 testing before taking to the pitch on Tuesday. Head coach Marco Rose’s side will take part in their first preseason training session on the training pitches at the BORUSSIA-PARK. The session will be live streamed on YouTube and as well as on FohlenTV.