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Who is allowed to purchase a reduced-price ticket?

  • Concessionary tickets are available for certain designated areas (seat tickets, Blocks 1-5 and standing area tickets, Blocks 13-18) for school pupils, students, young men doing compulsory military or community service in Germany, the disabled and pensioners. Persons seeking to purchase such tickets must furnish proof of their status upon entering the stadium. Concessionary tickets are available only while stocks last.

Up to what age is admission for children free of charge?

  • Admission to the BORUSSIA-PARK is free of charge for children up to and including the age of six. Please note, however, that free admission does not entail the right to a seat.

Where and how can I obtain a referee's ticket?

  • On the day of the match referee's tickets can be obtained on presentation of appropriate credentials two hours ahead of kick-off at Ticket Counter 4 (Southeast).

Where and how can I apply for tickets for my supporters club?

  • To apply for tickets for a supporters club, an appropriate supporters club ticket application form must be used. The completed form must be sent by fax (+49 (0)2161-929376) or as a letter posted to the club office. The application forms can be obtained from fan representatives Thomas Jaspers and Thomas Weinmann.

How can I apply for tickets for visually impaired people or people confined to a wheelchair?

  • Applications for such tickets must be submitted in writing to the club office together with a copy of the disabled pass of the person for whom the ticket is intended. This can either be done by fax (+49 (0)2161-92931549) or by letter. You will receive notification of whether you have been allocated a seat about two weeks ahead of the match in question.

What do the categories "Family X", "Family XX" and "Family XXX" stand for?

  • The prices in question always apply to one adult and up to three children. The "Family X" price is valid for an adult and one child, "Family XX" for an adult and two children and "Family XXX" for an adult and three children. This family offer is restricted to Blocks 1a, 2a and 3a in the South Stand.

What means of payment are accepted?

  • You can pay for tickets by direct debit or credit card. We accept both VISA and Mastercard.

How safe is it to enter my payment details when making a ticket purchase online?

  • All ticket purchasing processes at our online Ticket Shop are SSL-encrypted. The Internet address beginning with "https://" will normally indicate to you that this is the case.

Can non-members also apply for tickets via the Internet?

  • Yes, they can. At the service portal simply click on the link "Concert and Match Tickets for Non-Members" and it will take you to the list of matches for which tickets are available to non-members.

Will I receive confirmation of my ticket application?

  • Yes, you will. Once you have completed the application process, we will send an e-mail to your specified address. This e-mail will contain your personal reservation number. Please ensure you store this e-mail carefully so that you can refer to it should you have any further questions.

How long will it take for me to get hold of my ticket(s)?

  • Delivery of the ticket(s) ought to be completed within seven working days at most. Should this not be the case, please contact us.

The diagram of the stadium indicating the various blocks does not appear on my screen. What can I do?

  • There can be two reasons for this. As a first step you should install "Macromedia Flash Player" on your PC. You can download this program for free from the manufacturer's homepage: www.macromedia.com. Should the diagram showing the various blocks still not appear, please check the security settings of your PC.

Where can I obtain tickets for the away section at the BORUSSIA PARK?

  • Tickets for the away section can be obtained only from the visiting club. The away section is made up of Blocks 6, 6a, 7 and 7a.

If I wear or have anything on me indicating my allegiance to the visiting team, will I be allowed to enter the North Stand?

  • No, you won't. This is not allowed for security reasons. If you support the visiting team, please select tickets for the away section or for a neutral area.

What means of public transport may I use free of charge on the day of the match with my BORUSSIA-PARK ticket?

  • Your match ticket allows you to travel free of charge to the stadium and back on all buses and trains operated under the VRR and AVV integrated public transport systems. Free and complimentary tickets do not permit the holder to travel for free.

I would like to come to a game with other members of my club/society. How can I get hold of a fairly large number of tickets?

  • Please address your application in writing to the club office. The paper on which your application is written should bear the official letterhead of the respective club or society and specify the number of tickets required, the mode of payment you wish to use, a delivery address and a telephone number that allows us to get in touch with you.

Can I exchange or return tickets I have already bought?

  • No, you can't. Match tickets cannot be exchanged or returned once purchased.

When do the gates of the stadium open to the public on the day of the match?

  • The gates open two and a half hours before kick-off.