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Medical Park

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Sports Rehabilitation Centre at BORUSSIA-PARK

Borussia’s partner, Medical Park – with whom they work at the rehabilitation centre at BORUSSIA-PARK – is a company that provides the highest level of therapeutic care and has been a shareholder at the rehab centre since 2018. All the players from the first team to the academy benefit from this partnership, as well as all patients in general.

The Medical Park group’s head office is in the Bavarian town of Amerang, close to Lake Chiemsee. They have 13 clinics across Germany and three outpatient treatment centres which specialise in medicial-theraputic care for rehabilitation and prevention purposes. Borussia therefore have a strong partner by their side for rehabilitation and health issues. Medical Park are heavily experienced in treating top-level athletes and have worked closely with a number of national and international governing bodies, clubs and Olympic organisations such as the German Ski Association (DSV) and the German Athletics Association (DLV).

Modern Therapies and Equipment – Comfortable Rooms

The interdisciplinary team at Borussia Mönchengladbach’s Medical Park consists of experienced physiotherapists and sports scientists. Both insured and private patients are welcome at the sixth floor of the new build, which looks out onto BORUSSIA-PARK.

Unique treatment and training opportunities are available on the 1,400m2  site. The building is fitted with modern equipment, which allows various treatment and training options with the latest medical knowledge.

A concept which benefits all

This is also the case for Borussia’s players. Medical Park work closely with the head of medicine and prevention, Martin Meichelbeck, in order to provide a standardised concept for the all of the club’s players, from the youth teams to the pros.

One focus of the concept is the individualisation of training workloads. Injured players can be treated quickly and individually with Medical Park’s nationwide network of clinics. All patients will profit from these opportunities and the experiences.  This includes the individual planning of an outpatient’s rehabilitation and a long-term stay in a Medical Park clinic. The workload and time frame of the rehab can also be personalised.