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“Achieve more together” – Ginter joins Common Goal

Matthias Ginter has continued his social engagement by joining the Common Goal movement. Borussia’s centre-back announced the news on Wednesday evening from Germany’s base for EUR0 2020 in Herzogenaurach. Ginter will become part of a team of almost 200 players and coaches from professional football around the world.

The 27-year-old, who is currently preparing for EURO 2020 alongside club teammates Jonas Hofmann and Florian Neuhaus, will pledge a minimum of 1% of his salary to social projects. “I’m extremely thankful for what I’ve been able to achieve due to football and what I will continue to experience. When I look back on my career towards the end of it, I want to know I have used my influence as a public figure in sport and my financial opportunities to help out people who are in less fortunate situations,” commented Ginter.

Help for socially disadvantaged children

Ginter has looked to help for a while now, having founded the Matthias Ginter foundation in 2018. Together with his wife Christina, he helps out socially disadvantaged children in his hometown Freiburg. “By joining Common Goal, we would like to combine our local support in Freiburg with some global help. We can only successfully tackle the big social problems in the modern world by getting everyone involved – from the football pitch – and working together as a team. That’s exactly how it works at Common Goal,” explained Ginter.

Just like the Matthias Ginter foundation, the Common Goal movement looks to give better chances to young people who suffer from social exclusion and discrimination, so that they can have a better and more independent live. “We will be able to discuss experiences and put our efforts together to have more of an impact,” said Ginter. “That’s why my wife and I are really pleased that we, the Matthias Ginter foundation, can be part of this team now too.”

“Contribute to a fair society”

As well as this, Ginter wants to help contribute to professional football being more socially responsible. “Football has always been an important social component of our society. Common Goal combines the economic development in football with a collective contribution to a more fair society. Thanks to the 1% donations towards charitable projects, a bridge between professional football and more equality should be made. This aim convinced me to join the movement.”


Matthias Ginter is currently preparing for EURO 2020 (Photo: imago images / kolbert-press)

Reitz fighting his way back

Rocco Reitz was one of the high-flyers of pre-season last summer. After overcoming infection with COVID-19, the 19-year-old is now fighting hard to get back into the team.


Focusing on flexibility: Hütter leads tactics training

On Monday, the Foals began the week of training at the camp in Klosterpforte. Exercises involving team tactics will be the main focus of the week away.


Michael Lang returns to FC Basel

After three years in Germany, Michael Lang has left Borussia to return to FC Basel 1893 in his native Switzerland.